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modern romance


some of you may have read my dating rant post a couple of weeks ago (it can be found here).  in the comments, brosen recommended i pick up aziz ansari’s new book modern romance because it tackled some of my frustrations.  i finished it yesterday.  thank you for the recommendation.

for those not in the know, aziz was asked to write a book and decided to take a look at the dating landscape in the age of technology hence modern romance.  he did a years plus worth of research teaming with sociologists and other behavioral specialists to try and figure out what the hell is happening out there.  it’s really well put together with the perfect amount of scientific data and aziz humor.

there are so many great parts in this book.  he starts his research by going to a retirement home to poll seniors on how they met their significant others.  (one of the seniors just wanted free donuts.)  he asks people at his stand up shows to share their texts and interactions with potentials dates.  (generic “hey” texts are not cool.)  he also traveled to tokyo, paris and a few other spots to see if dating is any easier abroad.  (glad to know what a soapland is.)

it’s a quick read and highly entertaining.  it definitely made me feel better to know that more people are in the same boat as me i.e confused and frustrated.  by the way, i’m never texting a girl for a first date ever again.  i will always call from here on out.  maybe i can share that story for dating again part 4 which might be coming soon.

speaking of bukowski


i’ll be honest with you, i haven’t read a ton of charles bukowski, but what i have read i have enjoyed.  one of my favorite poems of all time is “the laughing heart.”  i have a copy on my phone, beside my desk, and on my refrigerator.  i’ve memorized half of it (i should probably know the whole thing by now, but memorization is not my strong suit).  if you haven’t read it, please read it a couple of times today, tomorrow and maybe the next day. oh, and check out this excellent levi’s commercial from 2011.  time to start living or at least remember how to.

authors, creators and their typewriters


i want a typewriter.  there’s something mystical about them.  i keep thinking that if i find one on ebay or at the flea market that i will crank out the next the sun also rises while smoking cigarettes and sipping on american whiskey (i don’t smoke by the way).  i want to write.  it’s inside me.  i can feel it.  i don’t enjoy writing on my computer.  there’s nothing sexy about word or pages or whatever we use to drum up documents.  typewriters are sexy.  they hold stories.  all of the great novels we grew up reading were created on typewriters.  i miss them.  i learned to write on my mom’s typewriter.  i remember when she sent it off to goodwill after she purchased an electric typewriter.  it didn’t feel the same.  i don’t know when i’ll find the typewriter of my dreams, but until then here are some pictures of some famous authors and creators with their typewriters.  maybe it will be the inspiration you need to start writing.  it’s working for me.


hemingway (also above)

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rock in fashion


i love a good coffee table book.  i have a few that rotate year-round – the beatles anthology, the clash, u2 by u2, and a few others.  (notice a common theme there?)  i can’t say that i’ve read any of them, but that’s the beauty of coffee table books: you don’t have to read them.  i pick them up from time to time to check out the photos of some of my favorite bands through the years.  i hadn’t purchased anything from john varvatos (not really my scene) until i stumbled upon his recently released rock in fashion book.  it’s a homage to the music that changed his life and inspired his clothing line.  it’s a great collection of photos shot by some of the best rock and roll photographers of all time.  hail! hail! rock ‘n’ roll!  get yours here.



jv4 jv5

i saw the great gatsby


i saw the great gatsby last night against my own advice to skip it.  the reviews have been less than favorable, but i had to do it.  it’s my favorite book, and the first one i remember really reading.

i was in 9th grade when it showed up on our syllabus.  i read the whole book in one sitting.  the wealth obsessed people of the 20’s and the catastrophic fall of the protagonist weren’t tragic or disturbing to me at the time.  they were inspiring.  when you’re in 9th grade, money, power, and girls seem pretty f**king awesome (hell, they still do, but it’s different now).  in all honesty, i have to believe my 9th grade self would have loved baz lurhmann’s empty, mess of a movie.   Continue reading

making the transition from book to app

a couple of months ago when my wife was cruising through the hunger games, i got jealous.  she would start telling me what was happening in the book and then stop herself and tell me that i needed to read it.  she said i could borrow her copy when she finished.  well, i have no patience.  i wanted to start it that day, so i bought a copy on my ipad thinking she couldn’t accuse me of being wasteful since we weren’t owners of two physical copies of the book (smart right?).  i read it in three days – partly because it’s a fast read and partly because of the kindle app.  i’ve since read 4 or 5 books on the kindle app and couldn’t be happier.

i can’t explain it, but i read much faster on my ipad.  my eyes don’t get tired as quickly as they do when i’m staring at page after page of a physical book.  i can increase or decrease the font size which helps my eyes adjust and stay fresh.  another thing i love about reading via app is that i can do it from my ipad, iphone or computer and never lose my place.  if i’m waiting on someone at an appointment, i can pull out my phone and catch up on a few pages.  it’s an added bonus not to have something else to carry.  plus, no one can see what you’re reading if you’re apprehensive about reading a book marketed towards “young adults.”

i understand the argument for the physical copy.  we like the look and feel of books.  we also like how they look on our shelves (how else will people know how smart i am?), but as i get older and want to get rid of clutter, it helps to know that my book collection will rest safely and soundly in some cloud somewhere. 

thanks for letting me take a break from menswear.  give the kindle app or ibooks a try and let me know what you think.  i prefer the kindle app over ibooks, but couldn’t tell you why.  they both do the same thing.

out today

steve jobs by walter isaacson.  i’ve been excited about this book since it was announced.  jobs tried his hardest to control what information people had on him, so i was surprised to see that he let isaacson write an authorized biography.  i can’t wait to read what’s in there.  i hope jobs isn’t mad i ordered mine from the amazon kindle store (i like the kindle app better than ibooks).

coldplay mylo xyloto.  there are probably just as many coldplay haters as there are fans these days.  after a rush of blood to the head they could do not wrong until they decided they wanted to get bigger.  remember all those stupid discussion you’ve had with friends about bands “selling out” (btw coldplay clearly sold out with x&y).  i’ve been on both sides.  who cares.  i’m downloading this brian eno produced record.

free & easy: how to be a rugged man

my new copy of free & easy just arrived at my office.  this month’s issue is “how to be a rugged man.”  it might be easier to learn how to be a rugged man if i could read japanese, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the pictures.  obviously you can’t have a “how to be a rugged man” issue of anything without steve mcqueen.  here are a few pages that caught my eye upon first skim-through (be sure to click read more).

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book review: icons of men’s style

i received my copy of icons of men’s style yesterday and couldn’t be happier.  it’s exactly what i expected/wanted.  it’s broken down into 7 chapters: outerwear, trousers, shoes, underwear, tailoring, shirts & sweaters, and accessories.  each chapter takes a garment in that category, tells the story, and names the icon(s) who made it popular.  below are a few shots of the book.  if you’ve ever looked up to mcqueen, dean, grant or other trailblazers of yesterday, then buy this book or buy it for a friend.  it’s money well spent. 

icons of men’s style

from the description on uncrate, this book takes a look at some of the “most stylish, distinctive men of recent memory,”  but rather than just showcasing old photos, it goes into the history of the items these icons wore.  there’s currently no release date on, but you can still pre-order.  i’m doing so after i hit publish.