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1964 ford mustang convertible


i’ve never been a car guy.  i have way too many other hobbies to be a “car guy.”  i couldn’t tell you the difference between this year’s model or that year’s model or this engine or whatever.  you get the point.  what i can tell you is when i like something and what i like is old cars i.e. american made badass indestructible machines of awesomeness.  i’m currently obsessed in love with 1964 ford mustang convertibles.  i grabbed these pics from mustang attitude.  look at this beauty.  i don’t know when i’ll get around to owning one of these whips, but a boy can dream, right?

mustang2 mustang3 mustang4

the joker of the beach

i’ve been at the beach for the past week for some much needed r & r.  while on vacation, i ran across the car you see above.  it didn’t take but one look for me to determine it was a fiat, and after some intense google searching (not really just beach + fiat) i found out that this particular car is called the fiat jolly.  the name is short for “jolly de plage” which translates to “joker of the beach.”

back in the late 1950’s, fiat chairman gianni agnelli wanted a car he could take on his boat from port to port.  it obviously had to be small and lightweight, so he sent one of his 500 models to italian car manufacturer carrozzeria ghia and instructed them to take off the doors, replace the top with a surrey top, and add wicker seats.  there’s a lot more that went into the coachwork of the car, but i won’t bore you with those details.  the result was the fiat jolly.

i can’t remember what year this particular jolly was made, but the owner has spent the last 2 years restoring the vehicle somewhere in california.  it really does look incredible.  i wish i had taken a few more photos.  i can’t imagine a more perfect ride at the beach.

the talented mr. ripley

this is the summer of the italian revolution.  the blogs that used to talk about work wear and americana have traded in their red wings for a pair of double monk strap shoes.  this is not necessarily a bad thing.  the italians have been dressing the same way since the beginning of the 20th century and they do it so well.  one film that showcases italian style is the talented mr. ripley set it 1955 and starring matt damon and jude law.  i watched it for the first time last night and enjoyed the style and scenery aspects of the film, but not necessarily the story (it’s pretty messed up).  my favorite part of the film was freddie miles’ (philip seymour hoffman) 1955 alfa romeo guiletta spider convertible.  i’m not necessarily a car person, but it’s in my genetic makeup as a male to love old cars and mr. ripley has several worth mentioning.  rather than grainy screen grabs, i figured i’d post a few of my favorites from images i stole via google (my apologies if they belong to you).

alfa romeo guiletta spider

lancia aurelia convertible

jaguar xk 120 roadster

fiat 1400

piaggio vespa

jeep wagoneer

i’m becoming slightly obsessed with owning an old wagoneer.  i used to want an old bronco with a convertible top, but i’m going to switch my efforts to the wagoneer.

bronco spotted

i think deep down in all men there’s an urge to own a classic truck like the bronco above.  i spotted this one at the golf course yesterday.  the body was in pretty good condition but it could desperately use a paint job.  i’m sure i’ll never buy one but i will always want one.