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about time: imogene + willie jeans

i bought my first pair of imogene + willie jeans last week.  i’ve been in there enough that i should have already owned a pair.  i kept telling myself that i was going to lose a few pounds before buying said jeans, but the few pounds are still there and they’re probably not going anywhere.

i + w offers two kinds of guys denim: the willie and the barton.  the barton fit more like my apc petit standards so i went with those.  once you decide on the fit, they pin the jeans for tailoring and tailor them while you wait.  i was running late for a meeting, so i left them for a few days.  when i went to pick them up, they brown-bagged the jeans and tied the package with a denim ribbon (a very nice touch).

i’m not a denim expert by any means and don’t have anything to compare these to besides my apcs and an old pair of  j. crew “dad” jeans, but these things are the real deal.  they’re not super heavy and they fit like a glove (thank you chad for pinning them perfectly).  i also love some of the tiny details they added to the jeans like the date they were made mine and the subtle i+w logo on the seam.

it goes without saying that nashville is lucky to have imogene + willie.  they put a lot of love into their denim and the staff are some of the best people i’ve ever met.  if you haven’t jumped on the selvedge denim train yet, this would be a good place to start.

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first wash

i have to take my favorite pair of jeans (apc petit standards) to the denim doctor tomorrow before the crotch blows out.  i’m hoping i can get two more good years out of them before they’re officially retired.  they’ve never been washed, so i gave them their first bath today.  if you’re worried about washing your raw denim for the first time, don’t be.  it’s really easy.  here’s a quick step-by-step: 1) fill your bathtub with lukewarm water 2) pour a little bit of woolite dark in the tub 3) submerge jeans and gently rub off dirt 4) let them sit for 20-30 minutes 5) rinse out soap 6) hang to dry.  as you can see riley was extremely curious about the process.