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behind every great man…

…there’s a great dog.  for the record, i’m not saying i’m great; i just thought it sounded clever (sorry trip).  i wanted to take some blog space to share a few more pics of riley.  i got her a little over 5 years ago and couldn’t imagine life without her.  she’s one of the coolest dogs i’ve ever been around.  she didn’t chew anything up when she was a pup and she hasn’t barked since the first night i brought her home.  her only fault would be that she likes people too much – which is the case with 99% of labrador retrievers.  i’m not gonna lie – it’s hard work, but it’s fun work.  if you’re thinking about getting a dog, do it.  it’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

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skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.

i have the world’s sweetest dog.  i realize i’m biased and cannot prove this statement, but i’ll put her up against any other dog.  as much as appreciate her sweet disposition, i’ve always wanted her to have a little bit of an edge just in case i was in trouble and needed protection or whatever.  well, that’s never gonna happen, so why not make her look tough with with this skull + crossbones dog collar from knot belt co.  she’ll still roll over on her back in the face of danger, but at least she’ll look like a total badass.