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workout plan


guys, it’s almost beach time.  i’m headed to the promised land (30a beaches) in 2 months which means i have 2 months (duh) to get my fat ass in shape.  i’m probably one of the last people you should listen to when it comes to fitness advice – mainly because i can’t quit eating pancakes and drinking miller lite – but i have dropped 30 lbs since i got divorced and i feel f’ing great.  i’m going to go ahead and insert the “read more” tab, so if you’re interested in reading about what you can do to get in above average shape, read on.    Continue reading

march goal: master the kettlebell

i followed valet’s advice and bought a kettlebell.  the 35 pounder (16 kg) was the recommended entry level kettlebell for an out of shape dude.  i took group kettlebell classes 2 years ago, but dropped out because the “instructor” spent most of the time talking to his buddy about karate and survivor.  spring is a better time to begin my new years resolution to drop a few pounds for two reasons: 1) those that have quit their get in shape resolutions are no longer at the gym, and 2) you can exercise outside again.  my goal is to lose 10 lbs this month.  it’s tough to be a #menswear blogger with a gut.  i’m hoping this kettlebell will be a nice kick-starter to my workout program.  i’ll keep you posted on the progress.