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happy veterans day


happy veterans day.  thank you to all the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.  this is a photo of my granddad that i didn’t find until he passed away (he’s the middle one and his twin brother is far right).  the back of the picture says “georgia 1942.”  i can only assume it was taken at robins air force base since i never had a chance to ask him about it.  thank you one more time to all those that have served.  we appreciate it so much.

3 things to remember

excuse me for interrupting my semi-regularly scheduled programming of menswear and music hodgepodge, but i wanted to share this commencement speech from nashville songwriter tom douglas.  tom’s written a number of hits, but my favorite song of his is “the house that built me” (recorded by miranda lambert and went #1 on the billboard country chart).  he had an interesting path to songwriting success as you will hear in his speech.

i grew up in nashville and always wanted to be a songwriter.  i’m now a banker, so you can probably see why this speech hits home for me.  i love my job, but i still dream about playing music full time.  i’m not going to give anything away, but i hope it gives you a little motivation to pursue what you love to do.  and if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, be sure to listen long enough to hear tom tell the graduates what 3 things to remember as they go off into the world.  ok, fine, i’ll tell you.  he says you must remember: 1) where you’re from 2) who you are and 3) whose you are.  #wisdom

women we appreciate: jean seberg

a few weeks ago, i tweeted, “i’m a sucker for girls that can pull off that jean seberg look.”  i had spotted a young lady at a local coffee shop that resembled the 1960’s actress.  in all honesty, i don’t know too much about her and i’ve only seen breathless once, but i will tell you that her look sticks with you.  did short on hair on girls exist before she made it look good?  (that’s a rhetorical question – i don’t need an answer.)  regardless, she was a total fox and a woman we (the royal we) appreciate.  Continue reading

dan auerbach inspired spring style

i have a bit of a dude crush on dan auerbach of the black keys.  we share the same affinity for red wing boots, nashville eateries, and good denim.  oh, and he makes kick ass music.  if i were rock star, i would treat my style the same way dan does: “the shit that i put on when i wake up every day is the shit that i wear on stage.”  with that said, i’ve put together an auerbach inspired kit for the spring.  i guess it’s time to add some short sleeve snap button western shirts to my arsenal.  after all, i do live in the snap button western shirt capital of the world.

levi’s short sleeve western shirt

gant rugger jean jacket

imogene + willie barton rigid jeans

oliver peoples sunglasses

frye emmett inside zip boots

style icon: john f. kennedy jr.

tomorrow is president’s day.  i got in the spirit last year by posting some great pics of john f. kennedy (you can see them here).  this year i figured i’d keep it in the family and showcase another kennedy: john f. kennedy jr.  yes, i realize he has little to do with president’s day, but he inherited his sense of style from the best dressed president we’ve ever had.  to quote michael bastian from a kempt interview, “he was so good at what he did, how he put himself together.”  i couldn’t agree more.  from his early prep school days to his time living in new york, john john embodied the all american male.  his style was timeless as many of the looks you see in the photos are relevant today.  he was a true style icon.  it’s a damn shame we lost him so young.

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hemingway in the winter

if i had to outline my life in phases, there would be three worth mentioning: the indiana jones phase (years 6-13); the beatles/brit pop phase (years 13-17); and the ernest hemingway phase (years 18-30).  reading hemingway is like getting punched in the gut and enjoying it.  it’s eye opening.  no one lives like hemingway any more; you couldn’t get away with it – which is why we spend time reading and re-reading his stories.  there’s a part of every man that wants to live those adventures.

hemingway knew how to dress.  i found a photo of him kicking a can in the snow (next page) and realized there was some great pictures of him dressed for the winter.  he valued a lot of the same things we do now like heavy wool pants, leather boots, plaid shirts, and shawl collar sweaters.  some things never go out of style and for good reason.  i only wish i could have found a few more photos.  check them out on the next page.

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steve jobs 1955-2011

your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…stay hungry.  stay foolish.

the quote above is pulled from steve’s commencement speech at stanford university in 2005.  you can read the whole thing here.

i’m an apple fanboy.  i’ll miss steve jobs.  there was comfort in knowing that at every apple product launch he would be there in his black turtleneck, ripped jeans, and new balance 991s.  dude was a total rockstar.

tumblr theft

there are so many great images floating around tumblr these days that it’s hard to keep up if you have a full time job.  i’ve been trying to find a good way to incorporate them into this blog, so i’m going to start posting my “tumblr theft” every couple of months.  please enjoy.

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more dylan this morning

it’s a bob dylan kind of morning and i really like this picture.

papa hemingway

who doesn’t love papa hemingway?  dude was the alpha male.  look at him laid back on his boat with a drink in his hand and a tommy gun on his lap.  you can’t make this stuff up.  he lived quite a life.  his books and stories appeal to guys in their twenties because deep down there’s a part of all of us that want to go on a great adventure and never look back.  the sun also rises is such a phenomenal book.  read it if you haven’t already.  my old man’s personal favorite is to have and have not.

note: his kid looks kind of like conan o’brien as a child.  it also looks like one of his a-hole buddies put the hat on his head just to take the picture cause he knew hemingway was out.   no one f**ks with hemingway though.  right?