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21 club, new york city

as mentioned in a previous post, i went to new york last week on a business trip.  we had no time to hit any of my favorite spots which was kind of a bummer, but we did have a nice meal at new york’s famous 21 club.  it was my first time to have dinner there and won’t be my last.  i fell in love with the place.

21 club started in greenwhich village as a speakeasy run by two cousins in 1922.  they moved the club two more times before settling in their current location in 1929.  they managed to avoid the police raids by sweeping the liquor bottles into the sewer system through secret chutes.

when you walk in, it doesn’t feel like too much has changed since 1929.  the men are mostly in coats and ties and business suits and the ladies in cocktail dresses.  we grabbed a drink at the bar and tried to guess people’s professions as we waited for our table.  most of the patrons looked like investment bankers.  after all, this is the restaurant in wall street where michael douglas lectures charlie sheen on the finer things in life.

the dining room didn’t disappoint.  the low ceiling is decorated with antique toys and sports memorabilia given to the restaurant by some of its famous patrons.  everyone from john f. kennedy to george clooney has eaten there.  i had the filet and heirloom potatoes with blue cheese.  i would definitely order both again.

i wish i would have taken some of my own pictures, but i would have felt like a rube snapping pictures on my iphone at such a classy joint.  i found most of these pics on google and various other websites (sorry if i have not given you credit).  please click read more to see more great pictures of the famous speakeasy.

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if you build it, they will come

this post doesn’t pertain to menswear or christmas or any of the usual junk on here.  what it does pertain to is the world’s greatest fast food restaurant finally opening in nashville, tn.  chick-fil-a is in a class by itself when it comes to extremely casual dining.  the food is consistent as well as the staff and cleanliness of the restaurant.  there is nothing like a chick-fil-a chicken biscuit in the morning.  i got spoiled when i lived in georgia during my college years.  sadly, i’ve missed it more than i probably should.  welcome to nashville, chick-fil-a.  i think you’ll like it here.