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pray for paris


paris is my favorite city on the planet.  the news tonight is absolutely heartbreaking.  this s**t must stop.  my thoughts and prayers are with the people of paris.  pray for paris.

*my friend jess graves at the love list wrote an excellence piece about this tragedy that you can read here.  great job, jess.  well said.


“peace for paris” by jean jullien

10 trips to take in your 20’s

as i’ve mentioned before on to take the train, i realize no one stops here for life advice, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from unexpected sources.  a couple of weeks ago, buzzfeed posted the video you see above.  it was a nice, big kick in the rear end for me.  i’m 32 now and haven’t seen any other parts of the world.  i spent a lot of my 20’s trying to get ahead and forgot how to live (to some extent).  going through a divorce, a tragedy or a big life change will often remind you of what’s important in life as well those things you’ve been missing out on.  it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and see the rest of the world.

“the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– augustine of hippo

ledbury swim trunks


don’t worry, it’s not too late in the summer for a new pair of trunks.  if you’re a fan or ledbury (and even if you’re not), you need to check out their new hilliard swim trunks.  there’s a nice little story about the idea behind the swim trunks that can be found here on their blog.  but if you’re not into reading, then know that they’re not too baggy and not too slim, they’re made of nylon, and they hit slightly above the knee.  what more do you need in a swim trunk?  you can cop a pair here.



airport casual


i went to the beach this past weekend with my old man.  i’ve got to hand it to him, he was the best dressed guy at the airport.  i snapped this photo right after we went through security.  he was rocking polo khakis, bean bluchers, a fjallraven greenland jacket, and carrying a filson briefcase.  bonus points for the scotty cameron scotty dog hat which he informed me was really hard to get.  excellent work, dad.

beach inspiration: jeff spicoli

it was 85 degrees today in nashville which got me thinking about the summer and more specifically my upcoming trip to the beach.  a lot of folks are on spring break right now, so this post may not be as premature as you might think.  when i’m at the beach, i like keep things very jeff spicoli: short sleeve polo shirt, volley swim trunks, slip on vans, and some form of beach bag.  if you haven’t seen fast times at ridgemont high, you need to plan on watching it as soon as you possibly can.  mr. serious sean penn as a high school stoner and phoebe cates in a bikini: what’s not to like?

21 club, new york city

as mentioned in a previous post, i went to new york last week on a business trip.  we had no time to hit any of my favorite spots which was kind of a bummer, but we did have a nice meal at new york’s famous 21 club.  it was my first time to have dinner there and won’t be my last.  i fell in love with the place.

21 club started in greenwhich village as a speakeasy run by two cousins in 1922.  they moved the club two more times before settling in their current location in 1929.  they managed to avoid the police raids by sweeping the liquor bottles into the sewer system through secret chutes.

when you walk in, it doesn’t feel like too much has changed since 1929.  the men are mostly in coats and ties and business suits and the ladies in cocktail dresses.  we grabbed a drink at the bar and tried to guess people’s professions as we waited for our table.  most of the patrons looked like investment bankers.  after all, this is the restaurant in wall street where michael douglas lectures charlie sheen on the finer things in life.

the dining room didn’t disappoint.  the low ceiling is decorated with antique toys and sports memorabilia given to the restaurant by some of its famous patrons.  everyone from john f. kennedy to george clooney has eaten there.  i had the filet and heirloom potatoes with blue cheese.  i would definitely order both again.

i wish i would have taken some of my own pictures, but i would have felt like a rube snapping pictures on my iphone at such a classy joint.  i found most of these pics on google and various other websites (sorry if i have not given you credit).  please click read more to see more great pictures of the famous speakeasy.

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nyc work trip

i’m headed to new york tomorrow for a quick work trip.  i’ll be back on wednesday, so i’m packing light.  most of these items you’ve already seen on to take the train, but they’re worth mentioning again.  here’s what i’m wearing/packing for nyc:

brooks brothers navy fitzgerald two button suit – current my favorite suit that i own.

sid mashburn fox tie – a christmas gift that needs to be worn.  no time like the present.

sid mashburn button down shirt – i never leave home without a white button down.

tie bar from the tie bar – great entry point to the tie bar game.  can’t beat their prices.

gucci horsebit loafers – classic 1980s wall street.  these will be occupying my feet.

filson small duffle – the perfect overnight bag.  hands down.

i’m going to try to do a little shopping while i’m up there, but i’m not sure what kind of time i’m going to have.  i hope to come back with a good post and maybe some new kicks.