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watch upgrade

i don’t own a nice watch which is not something i’ve been too concerned about until recently. i’m not sure if it’s my age or my profession as a banker, but lately i’ve been noticing what other people have on their wrists. a friend of mine has an incredible watch collection and has been trying to talk me into a nicer timepiece since i graduated from college. my response to him has always been what i like to call the sunglasses excuse: i’ll just lose it. well, it’s been almost 10 years since i graduated from college and i haven’t lost a pair of sunglasses yet (knock on wood). it’s time for me to invest in a watch. starting may 1, i’m putting all most #menswear purchases aside to save for said watch. i’ve got my sights set on a rolex – either the submariner or air king with the blue dial. i figured i needed to go with a classic; although, price and availability will probably dictate my decision. i’m not really much of a saver, so this is going to be quite a challenge. #firstworldproblems


mougin & piquard for j. crew

this is good timing (pun intended).  i need to upgrade my wrist watch situation.  i love my collection of timex watches, but i need something a little nicer for more formal events.  enter the new j. crew collaboration with mougin & piquard.

ernest mougin & paul piquard were two french ex-pats that moved to switzerland in the 1920’s and started a watch company with the goal to bring a parisian sensibility to swiss watchmaking.  the company changed hands in the 1960’s and went out of business several years later.

j. crew has teamed up with the good people at tourneau to recreate two mougin & piquard timepieces based on sketches discovered in their archives.  they look great and retail for $425.  i’m definitely adding one of these fine watches to my christmas list.

the weekender is here

after i posted about the new timex weekender watches on tuesday, i ordered one.  it arrived yesterday.  i love it.  it’s hard to believe i thought about dropping $150 on one of those timex for j. crew watches when this puppy only cost 40 bones and shipped for free.  having seen the timex for j. crew watch in person, i prefer the look of the weekender to that one.  it also has indiglo which made the 12 year old in me very excited.  i can’t wait to show it off the next time i go to the movies.  i’m kidding, but i figured i’d needed to share a quick pic before i put it on my wrist for the rest of the summer.  you can get your own timex weekender here.

timex weekender watches

i had lunch with a friend today who recommended that i invest in a nice watch.  i’m not going to disagree.  it’s definitely time for me to throw down some cheese on a nice timepiece.  however, that will require some savings which i currently do not have.  in the meantime, i’m going to buy one of these good looking timex weekender watches.  $40 sounds like a nice price to me.

the new “original” watch from swiss army

a blog to read has a nice write up on swiss army’s new “original” watch.  in a nutshell, it’s a more fashionable reproduction of the classic original watch they introduced in 1989.  with military watches and nato straps back in style, they’re going to sell a boatload of these.  the new original watch will retail for under $300.  i’ve got dibs on the black one.

new watch

i finally joined the pseudo-military watch club.  i’ve been looking for a new watch for 3 years and haven’t been able to justify spending a lot of money on one.  my new timex camper will be a holding watch to get me through until i have the cheese to buy a nice one.  i made the executive decision to pounce on this particular watch when i found out it was only $18.  that’s a price you can’t beat.

initial reaction: when i pulled it out of the packaging, i thought the face was a bit small, but it’s grown on me since last night.  i really dig the green band.  good luck finding anything this nice for under $20.

if i had four thousand dollars

i would buy this bell and ross military watch.  i need a four thousand dollar watch like i need a hole in the head but this thing looks indestructible.  i could give it to my kids or something.