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women we appreciate: the women of tumblr (part 3)


i may be in the minority here, but i love the way women dress in the fall.  for my money, there is nothing sexier than a women in a nice pair of jeans (or leather pants for that matter).  it’s been a year since i’ve done a women we appreciate post.  we’ll call this one “women we appreciate: the women of tumblr (part 3 – fall edition).”  it has a nice ring to it.  none of these photos are mine, so i apologize for using them without permission.  if it’s yours and you want credit or for me to take it down, let me know.  thank you women of tumblr for being such smoke shows.  if any of you are single, holla at ya boy.


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women we appreciate: the women of tumblr (part 2)


i may or may not have a tumblr (hint: i have one).  if you’ve been a reader for a couple of years, then you might remember my previous women of tumbr post (it can be found here).  not gonna lie my tumblr is mainly pictures of babes.  if that’s not your thing, then don’t check it out.  i don’t know any of these women, but i would like to one day.  seriously, how are there so many beautiful women on tumblr?  i don’t get it.  oh well.  it’s our gain.  enjoy these pics and check out i took the train if you have a spare hour of so.

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women we appreciate: the women of tumblr


who are these women?  where do they come from?  who the hell is taking all of these pictures?  are any of them single?  these are questions we may never find the answers to, but who cares.  these women are gorgeous and they’re all over tumblr.  here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of months.  most of them are street-styled photos or belong to blogs.  if you own the photo and want me to take it down or give credit, shoot me an email and i’ll do it.  now that that’s out of the way, here are the some women of tumblr:


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women we appreciate: jean seberg

a few weeks ago, i tweeted, “i’m a sucker for girls that can pull off that jean seberg look.”  i had spotted a young lady at a local coffee shop that resembled the 1960’s actress.  in all honesty, i don’t know too much about her and i’ve only seen breathless once, but i will tell you that her look sticks with you.  did short on hair on girls exist before she made it look good?  (that’s a rhetorical question – i don’t need an answer.)  regardless, she was a total fox and a woman we (the royal we) appreciate.  Continue reading

women we appreciate: jennifer lawrence

i’m rolling out a new feature on to take the train called “women we appreciate.”  it’s more or less an excuse to post a few pictures of well…a woman we appreciate.  first up is hunger games star jennifer lawrence.  she may be only 21, but she’s one of the most talented young actresses in hollywood (see 2010’s a winter’s bone).  the hunger games isn’t out until next friday march 23, but in the meantime enjoy a few tasteful pictures of the beautiful jennifer lawrence.

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style icon: rachel bilson

i have a bit of a crush on rachel bilson.  i think she’s gorgeous.  it’s not just her physical features, but the way she dresses.  it doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she always looks cool.  i saw her on chelsea lately last night and realized we’re more alike than i could have imagined.  we both love the goonies and fat babies.  that aside, i figured it’d be nice to give my female readers a little something by showcasing the best dressed lady in hollywood.  enjoy.

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gratuitous picture of eva green

apologies for the interruption to the norm, but i had to post this picture.  there was a time when eva green was my only hollywood crush.  then she disappeared.  i hope she makes a comeback soon.  she’s a total fox.

wife, if you ever want to surprise me at home for a special occasion, please wear this exact outfit.  thanks.

brooklyn decker on the cover of esquire

hello brooklyn.  not a bad way to start your thursday morning.  i told myself i would never see another adam sandler movie after click (funny people does not count) but i believe i will be going to see just go with it to support mrs. roddick.  damn girl.

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minka kelly in the new gq

i like the valentine’s day vibe.  derek jeter, you are a lucky man.

oh you pretty thing

emma watson gets cuter every time i see her.  i’m starting to appreciate (didn’t say like)  the shorter hair.  i figured it was time to post a picture of an attractive female with all the boot p0rn i have going on right now.