mcnairy for engineered garments

i’m not a fan of everything mcnairy touches but i really like these.


levi’s x filson

trucker jacket with the tin cloth finish.

the j. crew men’s shop

via the pursuit aesthetic

take ivy

excuse me while i catch up from the last year.  this is my first day of posting on the new blog so there’s a lot to catch up on.  take ivy was supposed to be released today (or so says my confirmation email), but has been delayed until next tuesday.  unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock then there is no need to explain its significance.

ra ra riot

new disc out today.  get it on itunes.

free & easy

imogene + willie + free & easy

military watch

i’ve wanted a military watch since j.crew released their version of the classic timex a couple of years ago.  i just couldn’t spend $150 on a watch that looks like it cost $10 to make.  luckily a trip down south has some alternatives like the one above.