good company to keep

the edge, bono, kanye, and lenny kravitz in paris.

time for a change

growing up is hard to do.  the year after i graduated from college i told my mom & dad all i wanted for christmas was grown up clothes.  what i meant was a nice jacket to replace the ratty north face fleece that i had been wearing for 7 years straight.  i searched for a worthy replacement but sadly settled on a new north face.  that was a period of time when i didn’t really give a shit about what i looked like (i was working in the music business where people wear flip flops year round).  now things have changed and wearing a north face or patagonia on a date (with my wife) or to the bar just doesn’t feel right – makes me feel like i’m still in college.  enter the perfect jacket for the weekend: the filson mackinaw crusier – tough enough to spend the days in the woods and good looking enough to make it to the bar with you after.  and just in case you were curious the old gray north face has been retired.

card holder

being the business man that i am, i understand the importance of the card holder.  nothing looks more unprofessional than pulling out a damaged card from your wallet and handing it to a prospect or client.  the card holder i’ve been carrying is more of a wallet than for straight up biz cards – which is why i just ordered the card holder above from makr.  it’s good looking and makes it easy to get the cards in and out.  no embarrassing fumbling.

fall style: robert redford

to paraphrase esquire: the sports coat, button down, and jeans look is the new button down and khakis.  i fully support that.  i’d also like to steal redford’s look  minus the bootcut jeans but keep the mustache (obviously).

can’t wait for sunday

sunday used to be my least favorite day of the week.  in grade school, i would spend most sundays terrified of school the next day.  there was also never any good tv on.  in college, i began obsessing over professional football.  i was a college football fan first and foremost but then someone introduced me to gambling and fantasy football.  that was the beginning of the end.  now after a full day of football i have what’s arguably the best tv lineup of all time.  boardwalk empire, mad men, eastbound & down, and one another show that i’m too embarrassed to mention i watch.  i already can’t wait until this weekend is almost over.

transition shoes: the sperry chukka

it might be the start of fall, but i’m not ready to give up my sperry top-siders just yet.  i need a transition shoe from the end of one season to the next.  the sperry chukka from j. crew is the perfect mix of summer and fall.  you can thrown on without socks for the next couple of weeks until your feet can’t take the chill any more.

weekly six pack volume two

as promised this week’s weekly six pack.  you’re probably thinking two kanye songs two weeks in a row.  well, i can’t help it.  dude’s on fire right now.  the hook of this song might be one of my favorites: “the sh*t is f**king ridiculous.”  as far as the other selections are concerned, let me explain: i’m going to see the national this sunday night;  passion pit is coming at the end of the month; jenny and johnny were in town last week; the chromeo tune is just plain good; and eli “paperboy” reed sounds like old school soul.  done.


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