weekly six pack vol 3

the weekly six pack is national heavy this week after seeing them last sunday night.  “mr. november” is a classic and sneakily one of my top 50 favorite songs of all time.  “90-mile water wall” is a bit obscure off of sad songs for dirty lovers and the other two are off the new album high violet. the avett brothers released an excellent live album this past week which is why i chose “murder in the city.”  the last song “you! me! dancing!” by los campesinos! is in the budweiser / mlb playoff commercial.  it’s just the intro in the ad but gets me fired up none-the-less.

the beatles took the train

a lot of people keep asking me why i named the blog “to take the train.”  i’ll try to explain the best way i know how.  a lot of the old movies i love have great train scenes (“hard day’s night”, “north by northwest”, “butch cassidy”, “from russia with love”).  back then when you traveled by train it wasn’t just a means of transportation but an experience.  all the people in these movies would meet interesting people or be put in interesting situations.  on top of that the trains were always associated with elegance.  they had nice sleeping quarters and dining cars.  i originally thought i would name it “take the train”, but takethetrain.com is being held for ransom, so i settled on totakethetrain.com.  i hope i explained it enough.

levi’s 501 raw selvedge jeans

this is another piece of the levi’s x billy reid collaboration.  i’m not crazy obsessed with a lot of billy reid’s stuff because i rarely like clothes that are made to look worn in.  i can get behind raw selvedge 501’s though.  i starred this on my google reader a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it.  my apologies as there are only two sizes left here.

in search of: the parka

pay no attention to the dude on the left that looks like an extra on gilligan’s island.  with that said this is still one of my favorite shots in take ivy. i like the loafers-no-socks-high-pants look.  i’m in search of a parka like the fellas on the right.  here’s a “hiking jacket” that i found from steven alan that might do the trick:

probably a little too pricey, but i still like that look.  if anyone knows where i can find one on the cheap (that isn’t ebay), let me know.

not a bad start

history was made tonight as roy halladay pitched a no hitter for the second time in mlb playoff history.  don larsen did it for the yankees in 1956 against the brooklyn dodgers.  incredible.  congrats roy.  great way to start the playoffs.

new balance 1400 for j. crew

finally!  i’ve been waiting to see these ever since they were announced.  they look fantastic.  i will be buying both colorways.  i used to be somewhat of a new balance collector.  i’ve owned about 50 pairs in the last 10 years.  i realize that’s ridiculous, but the secondary market for tennis shoes on ebay is pretty stellar.  there’s no drop date or retail price for these yet, but i’ll keep you posted.  give them to me now.