fall trend: camo

since camo never goes out of style in the south, it’s amusing to me to see designers put camo shirts and pants in their fall and winter collections.  i can certainly see the appeal.  it adds some flavor to your wardrobe.  i wasn’t really interested in this trend until i saw these pics on a treasury of.  the shirt hamilton 1883 sent mr. rees is quite a work of art.  slim-fit with acorn colored buttons from one of the best shirt makers in the country.  what could go wrong?  in mr. rees’ case nothing.  it looks great on him.  

fall trend grade: B (if you can make it look good then why the hell not)

hello moto

dear moto, where have you been all my life?  you make the best looking engineer boots i’ve ever seen.  why have i not heard of you until today?

from what little research i’ve done i don’t believe you can buy these anywhere in the u.s.  i hope i’m wrong because i need a pair as soon as humanly possible.  if someone has a connection to these boots, please let me know.  they are the holy grail of engineering boots (if you’re not in tokyo).

boardwalk empire

last night was the premiere of hbo’s new drama boardwalk empire.  i’ve never been a big tv person, but i feel like we’ve hit the prime time (pun intended) of television shows.  a good series to me is becoming more enjoyable than a good movie thanks to mad men, breaking bad, the wire, and several others. 

last night’s episode was directed by martin scorsese who sets the tone for the rest of the season.  set in prohibition-era atlantic city, boardwalk empire gives us a glimpse at the start of organized crime in new jersey (kind of like the sopranos except the set is a little more interesting and the clothes are much nicer).  i’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

ps nucky thompson, played by the excellent steve buscemi, is a great name for a character.  nice work writers.

freida pinto in gq

will someone go ahead and put her in another movie that i have interest in seeing.  please.

weekend plans

i’m headed to see the town with my wife tonight and tomorrow i’m playing golf with my old man (above).  he’s an incredible golfer and any chance i get to spend time with outside of work is one i don’t want to pass up.  he’s the best man i know.

transition time

there’s no telling how many times this photo will get reblogged today from the sartorialist.  and why shouldn’t it?  it’s a perfect photo.  scott titles his post “time to transition, light jackets and long legs.”  not only do i love fall weather, but i love how women dress in the fall.  let the transition begin.

if i had four thousand dollars

i would buy this bell and ross military watch.  i need a four thousand dollar watch like i need a hole in the head but this thing looks indestructible.  i could give it to my kids or something.


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