new balance 1400 for j. crew

finally!  i’ve been waiting to see these ever since they were announced.  they look fantastic.  i will be buying both colorways.  i used to be somewhat of a new balance collector.  i’ve owned about 50 pairs in the last 10 years.  i realize that’s ridiculous, but the secondary market for tennis shoes on ebay is pretty stellar.  there’s no drop date or retail price for these yet, but i’ll keep you posted.  give them to me now.

required listening

in my opinion no soundtrack has ever captured the feel of the movie as perfectly as the soundtrack to rushmore. wes anderson has a knack for picking obscure tunes that only the most seasoned audiophile would know i.e. creations “making time.”  i remember watching the bees scene and hearing the who’s “a quick one” and having no idea who was it was.  afterwards i couldn’t get the refrain out of my head.  “you are forgiven” roger daltrey sings while pete townshend wails on power chords.  rushmore was also my first introduction to the faces “ooh la la”, john lennon’s “oh yoko”, and cat stevens “here comes my baby”  – all of which have appeared on countless mix i’ve made.  in addition to the obscure classics, mark motherbaugh’s score is the perfect filler from song to song.  if you have it already you might want to pull it back out and give it a spin and if you don’t go and get it.  total classic.

tangible perfection

in addition to finding the perfect engineer boots for the fall, i’m looking for a good pair of wingtips.  who makes better wingtips than new england shoemaker alden?  no one in my opinion.  the pair above was designed by blackbird for alden.  i love the burgundy finish on the shoe.  i’ve also been looking at the aldens for j. crew but i think i want a shortwing rather than long.

dress your age

i saw this photo the other day on just jared and it got me thinking about dressing one’s age.  i used to work in the music business where i was surrounded by guys my dad’s age wearing vintage tees and chuck taylors.  it looked ridiculous.  i’m not saying you have to wear dad jeans if your in your 40’s, but please don’t wear ed hardy t-shirts (jon gosselin anyone?).  and hey tom cruise, unlaced adidas high tops went away in the late 80’s.  give it up dude.  dress your age.

the argument: the jean jacket

i started working on this post last week and since then i’ve seen jean jackets mentioned on gq and valet.  my inspiration for the post was a direct result of the photo above – which i believe is being used as a promo shot for brandon flowers’ new solo album.  it’s hard not to notice the jacket before you realize who’s in the photo.  it’s an alexander mcqueen jacket that flowers bought five years ago.  he said he wears it 90% of his days.  i believe it.  it looks worn in all the right places.

all canadian tux jokes aside, do jean jackets ever go out of style?  i remember seeing ryan adams wear one (pic after jump) when i was in college and then trying to find something like it online.  i never pulled the trigger because i knew i would catch hell from my friends.  i guess my point being: buy one now, wear it, hide it, and pull it back out when it’s relevant again in 10 years.

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good company to keep

the edge, bono, kanye, and lenny kravitz in paris.

time for a change

growing up is hard to do.  the year after i graduated from college i told my mom & dad all i wanted for christmas was grown up clothes.  what i meant was a nice jacket to replace the ratty north face fleece that i had been wearing for 7 years straight.  i searched for a worthy replacement but sadly settled on a new north face.  that was a period of time when i didn’t really give a shit about what i looked like (i was working in the music business where people wear flip flops year round).  now things have changed and wearing a north face or patagonia on a date (with my wife) or to the bar just doesn’t feel right – makes me feel like i’m still in college.  enter the perfect jacket for the weekend: the filson mackinaw crusier – tough enough to spend the days in the woods and good looking enough to make it to the bar with you after.  and just in case you were curious the old gray north face has been retired.