weekly six pack vol 4

tough week for the ol’ boy.  i’m ready for the weekend.  not a lot of new stuff on here.  i bought the new sufjan stevens record for $3 on amazon.com.  i dig “futile devices” but am having trouble with the rest of it (as usual).  i can’t seem to turn off pet sounds.  i find something new in that album every time i put it on.  whiskeytown’s “pawn shop ain’t no place for a wedding ring” came on shuffle yesterday and i had forgotten how brilliant their straight-up country was.  the local natives played here last night and missed it like a friggin’ idiot.  “strawberry letter 23” is something that should be on everyone’s ipod.  it’s one of those songs you know you’ve heard but can’t remember where.  i’ve also been listening to a lot of norah jones’ latest album this week.  her version of “jesus, etc.” is spot on.  that’s it for the weekly sixer.

the return of the shearling coat

shearling continues to pop up everywhere this fall.  i saw it last night in the movie let me in – which is set in 1983 when shearling was still in style.  i also noticed it a couple of months ago in the details fall photo shoot that was love story inspired.  i went a step further than that and watched love story the following weekend.  i didn’t enjoy the movie but appreciated the preppy/trad style.  with that said i haven’t seen a shearling jacket i like as much as the one above from orvis.  it’s a little pricey, but clearly great quality.  looks warm as hell too.  here’s a shot of ryan o’neal wearing his jacket in love story:

classic: ditka sweater vest

excuse me from deviating from the norm for a moment, but i had to discuss the mike ditka sweater vest.  ditka is arguably one of the most famous football players and coaches of all time.  he led the 1985 chicago bears to the super bowl where they destroyed the new england patriots.  he became more of a legend when saturday night live parodied him in the “da bears” skit with chris farley.  one thing i always remember about ditka is the iconic sweater vest he wore when he was coaching.  i wouldn’t call it a fashion must have, but definitely a key purchase if you’re a bears fan.  buy yours here.

new arrivals

the new balance for j. crew collab is now available and not a moment too soon cause tomorrow is payday.  god bless the 1st and the 15th.

update: i spoke to a gentleman at j. crew today that said they fit true to size.  order accordingly.

duo knit utlity shirt

again i promise this is not a j. crew appreciation blog, but their clothes happen to be in my price range so it helps when i’m restocking my closet.  i noticed this shirt in their new arrivals section.  in the fall and winter months i’m always looking for something comfortable and warm that i can throw on and look reasonably nice without showering.  i believe this duo knit utility shirt will serve that purpose for the rest of the season.

olivia in london

via the sartorialist.  i love the way she dresses.  not sure how she’s going to go bike riding in those kicks, but that’s not my problem.

fall essential

the barbour bedale jacket – one of the best purchases i’ve ever made.  i went with the bedale over the beaufort because i preferred the shorter length.  i still wear it over my suit when it rains and the inch that hangs out doesn’t bother me too much.  it’s not only a fall essential, but a life essential.