freida pinto in gq

will someone go ahead and put her in another movie that i have interest in seeing.  please.

weekend plans

i’m headed to see the town with my wife tonight and tomorrow i’m playing golf with my old man (above).  he’s an incredible golfer and any chance i get to spend time with outside of work is one i don’t want to pass up.  he’s the best man i know.

transition time

there’s no telling how many times this photo will get reblogged today from the sartorialist.  and why shouldn’t it?  it’s a perfect photo.  scott titles his post “time to transition, light jackets and long legs.”  not only do i love fall weather, but i love how women dress in the fall.  let the transition begin.

if i had four thousand dollars

i would buy this bell and ross military watch.  i need a four thousand dollar watch like i need a hole in the head but this thing looks indestructible.  i could give it to my kids or something.

dapper young dudes

do yourself a favor this morning and check out unbashedly prep’s new post called black ivy.  i’m usually on the fence about most things on u.p.  i respect fred’s hustle but some people he captures look like they’re trying too hard.  with that said he hits a home run with black ivy.  great stlye.  great pics.  great work.

fall trend: the fair isle sweater

i’m noticing more and more chatter about fair isle sweaters for f/w 2010.  some popped up last year on females e.g. rhianna and victoria beckham but now most of the blogs i’m hip to are mentioning them for men.  the sweater above is from j. crew’s website (obviously).  i wish i could get behind this trend, but i’m pretty sure i’d look like kevin mccallister from home alone if i attempted to pull it off.  10 engines has a nice little writeup on the history of these sweaters.  be weary of your friends who claim they pulled it out of their parents closet who got their sweaters in scotland.  bs. 

fall trend grade: C+ (not right for me but you might look cool)

needed: varsity jacket

a couple of weeks ago i commented that i really liked gant rugger’s baseball jacket for the fall.  the only thing preventing me from purchasing it is finding it.  i don’t think it’s sold online (i could be wrong) and i’m not planning on going to new york quick enough to snag one before they’re all gone.  thanks to sartorially inclined i have found another jacket i like just as much.  it’s made by unionmade and i can go ahead and purchase online.  problem solved.


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