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new balance camo 501


if you’re a gq reader, then you may have seen these in the latest issue.  if you’re a sneaker freaker, then you most likely caught these in february via kicks on fire (where i jacked these pics.  thanks, guys).  and if you read both, then kudos for you for being awesome.  i missed out on those ball and buck new balances in november, so i’m going to work hard to snag a pair of these when they’re released this summer.


levi’s 501 raw selvedge jeans

this is another piece of the levi’s x billy reid collaboration.  i’m not crazy obsessed with a lot of billy reid’s stuff because i rarely like clothes that are made to look worn in.  i can get behind raw selvedge 501’s though.  i starred this on my google reader a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it.  my apologies as there are only two sizes left here.