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red wing 875 in oro legacy


if you’re a regular reader of to take the train, then you’re probably thinking, “why the hell am i looking at another pair of red wings?”  well, i don’t have a great answer to that question except to say these are new and i like them.

earlier this year, red wing announced they were reverting back to the original, untreated leather of their 875s and calling it the “oro legacy.”  the boot hasn’t changed at all.  it’s still a moc toe work boot made on the same last as the 875 that you’ve grown to love.  the only difference is the leather.  the orange color is a bit brighter and slicker which is going to give it more character as it breaks in.  i’ve been wearing them for a week now and they look pretty damn good.  the other great thing about these is that you can actually find them on zappos.  i had to track down the original 875s at the red wing store or some nuts-ass army surplus store in bumf**k.  life can be so hard sometimes.



fall inspiration: r.p. mcmurphy

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest is one of my all time favorite films.  if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your netflix instant queue.  jack nicholson’s performance as r.p. mcmurphy earned him an oscar in 1975.  with that said, it’s not the most stylish film ever – unless you’re into hospital gowns from the 1970’s – but mcmurphy’s style outside of the institution is fall inspiration for me every year.  you can’t go wrong with an old pair of blue jeans, some red wing 875s, a denim shirt, and beat-up bomber jacket.  classic.  Continue reading

red wing moc-toe in navy portage

winter is coming (shout out to all my game of thrones watchers and/or readers) which means it’s time to get your boot game in order.  if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know my obsession with red wing boots.  i probably buy 2 or 3 pairs a year and then sell them on ebay when i decide i want a different model.  i’m fickle like that – no apologies.  the downside to my fickleness is that i don’t spend the requisite time to break them in, but who cares they still look cool.  if you’re thinking about making a red wing boot purchase, let me recommend these moc-toe boots in navy portage.  they’re basically the classic 875 model, but in navy.  you can purchase them here.  don’t forget to size down .5.

new kicks: red wing 8881 olive mohave

i realize i have a red wing problem.  they keep releasing new boots and i keep buying them.  i end up returning most of them, but i think i’ve found a pair i’m going to hang on to for a while.  these 8881s come in their signature roughout leather with a cushion crepe wedge sole and both leather and gold/tan laces .  they’re built on the 23 last which means you need to size down if you plan on buying a pair.  i’m going to treat them with a nubuck/suede waterproofer and then take them for a spin this weekend.  nothing like breaking in another pair of red wing boots.

ryan gosling makes a case for red wings in the summer

i assure you this is not a ryan gosling fan appreciation blog, but with a movie coming out next week he’s hard to avoid on the internet.  i grabbed this picture yesterday when i noticed his footwear of choice: red wing 875s.  if you’ve been reading this blog since it’s inception, then you know that i’m a big fan of anything red wing especially 875s.  when the temperature began to rise in april, i put my boots in the back of my closet with the understanding that they would be on my feet again in september.  seeing gosling in his in the middle of july has me wondering if i should take them for a spin this summer.  i realize the weather is 20 degrees hotter here in nashville than it is in los angeles, but who cares.  my feet can handle it.

red wing collection

any good looking red wing collection gets a post at tttt.

(via swan’s wing)

red wing 8131

i realize i have a bit of a red wing obsession.  i keep changing my mind on which ones i want.  i’ve purchased boots and returned them a couple of times now (875, chukka, 9016, 877).  i’ve finally settled on the 8131s.  i love them.  when i pulled them out of the box i noticed they were a little redder than i would have liked but figured the red would brown after a coat of sno-seal and some wear.  they feel heavier than the 875s and the leather feels tougher which is why i decided to go with these.  other than that there are not too many difference between these and the 875s.  they’re made on the same last (23) that most of their moc toe boots are made on.  i sized down a 1/2 and have more than enough room.  i’m looking forward to wearing these for the next couple of years.

new soles

i’m finally going to take the 875s for a spin this weekend.  i’m not gonna lie i’m nervous about the size.  i hate paying for shoes and discovering a week later that i got the wrong size.  everyone says to size down in red wing, but these dude’s at the red wing store made me order my appropriate size.  i’m conflicted.  i don’t trust my feet anymore.  here’s hoping these work out.


my 875s came last night.  i ordered them from dave’s in new york on tuesday morning and they were here thursday night.  you have to phone order the 875s because authorized red wing dealers can technically only sell them in store.  the guy on the phone could not have been more helpful.  i highly recommend ordering your next pair of red wing boots from dave’s.

i’m pumped to finally have a pair after months of wondering which ones to pounce on.  they are beautiful boots.  i’ll admit i was nervous about the sizing since i’ve had so much trouble in the past, but these fit like a glove.  i’m in between a 9.5 and 10 and went with the 9.5s.  in a previous post i said i might take a 9.  scratch that.  these are perfect.  now the break in period starts.  will they make it to next november?  we’ll see.

word to the wise: do a lot of searching before buying your red wings at j. crew.  these were $170 shipped.  most of the crew boots you can find other places much cheaper if you look, but you probably already knew that.

mind made up

it’s taken me two months to make a decision on which red wing boots i want to buy for the fall and i’ve decided to go with the original 875s.  why the hell not?  they’re what i’ve wanted all along.  i like the 877 irish setter remakes from j. crew (that i bought last year and sold on ebay) but they’re $325.  these are priced at $179 so if they don’t fit then i haven’t made too big of a mistake.  fingers crossed these work out.  i need some good boots.