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almost red wing time

i wish the shoes above were mine.  i wish i had braved the break in period long enough to own a pair that needed to be resoled.  for the past two years i’ve attempted to find the perfect pair of red wings.  i’ve tried the 875, 1905, 877, and a couple of other models.  none seem to fit just right and it’s totally my fault.

the first pair i purchased were my running shoe size 10.5.  they felt like clown shoes.  i went down a half size and they were still too big.  i then settled on the 9.5 for a couple of months until i realized my heel was still slipping.  i refused to to admit that i had made the same mistake 3 different times so i waited until the end of the winter to order a 9 in the irish setter model (877).  unfortunately they felt too tight.  i took to to see if others were having the same issue.  they were.  in fact there’s a whole thread devoted to red wing sizing there.

now here i am a year later reading the same blogs and seeing the same cool cats post pictures of their precious red wings all cleaned up for the winter time.  i’m jealous.  i want to post pictures of my red wings, but i don’t have any.  it’s time to man up and not be such a wuss this season.  i’m ordering a new pair.  i might even do it today.  and i’m going to break the f**kers in so next september i can show you how bada** my red wings look.  you’ll see.

and if you want to know the consensus on sizing i’ll tell you what i learned.  most people size down a 1/2 from their original shoe size e.g. if you’re a 10 in most shoes then order a 9.5.  most red wings don’t come with insoles so they’re thin at the bottom.  if you want to put an insole in yours then you might be happy ordering true-to-size.  if you have any questions or need any help send me an email