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red wing 875 in oro legacy


if you’re a regular reader of to take the train, then you’re probably thinking, “why the hell am i looking at another pair of red wings?”  well, i don’t have a great answer to that question except to say these are new and i like them.

earlier this year, red wing announced they were reverting back to the original, untreated leather of their 875s and calling it the “oro legacy.”  the boot hasn’t changed at all.  it’s still a moc toe work boot made on the same last as the 875 that you’ve grown to love.  the only difference is the leather.  the orange color is a bit brighter and slicker which is going to give it more character as it breaks in.  i’ve been wearing them for a week now and they look pretty damn good.  the other great thing about these is that you can actually find them on zappos.  i had to track down the original 875s at the red wing store or some nuts-ass army surplus store in bumf**k.  life can be so hard sometimes.



red wing 877 post nyc

i’ve been told by two of my readers that i’m spending way too much time covering boots on here.  my apologies.  it will die down as the weather gets better.  i’m also spending too much time with iphone photography apps trying to figure out how to take a good picture.  the picture above looked really good on my iphone but didn’t turn out quite how i wanted when i emailed it to myself.

i took my new 877s to nyc this past weekend to take on the snow.   i prepped them with a coat of sno-sneal before i left which darkened the leather a little bit – making them more awesome than they already were.  like an idiot, i didn’t even attempt to break them in until i got to the city.  after a day of walking, they began to form to my feet and started to feel like i’d owned them for several months.  they also kept my feet warmer than my bean boots  – which were my other footwear option for the weekend.  my only complaint with the 877s is that they take forever to get on and off, but it’s not that big of deal.  they are excellent boots and i will be wearing them for a long time.

well-loved red wing 877s

one day my boots will look this good.  i ended up ordering a pair of 8131s and returning most of the other boots i purchased.  i’m pretty happy with my decision.  they’re still stiff as hell, but i’m guessing they’ll break in a couple of months.  i’ll post pics later.

one last contender

unfortunately, i have not ordered any red wings yet.  i’m trying to catch up on all the other “must haves” before i make my final fall shoe purchase.  i think it’s now between these 8 inch classic mocs and the engineer boots.  every week i have a new pair of red wings i want.  this is a tough damn decision.  when i think about red wing boots, these are the boots i think about.  they’re the lifestyle equivalent of the 877 and are available at need supply.  there’s also only one size left which happens to be my size.  maybe this is divine intervention telling me to order them.  hmm.