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jackie robinson off the field

april 15th is one of my favorite days in all of sports.  it’s jackie robinson day.  on april 15th, 1947 jackie robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball by becoming the first african american to play in the major leagues since it was segregated in 1889.  his efforts and determination both on and off the field were seen as one of the major steps in the civil rights revolution.  every year on this day, major league ballplayers wear #42 to honor jackie.  we’ve all seen pictures of him wearing his brooklyn dodgers uniform, but i thought it’d be cool to take a look at how he dressed when he wasn’t playing baseball.

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jackie robinson day

64 years ago today jackie robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first ever african american major league baseball player.  april 15 is always one of my favorite days of the baseball season.  it’s great to see players show their respect by wearing jackie’s number 42 jersey.  god bless jackie robinson.