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masters bound


apologies for no new posts since thursday. it’s been a busy 4 days. i went to vegas last friday for the academy of country music awards. in vegas, dudes dress like they’re on their way to tape an epsiode of mtv’s “the grind.” the statement hats there are out if control, so is the irony. i returned last night to a house with no power, so i was unable to auto-post for the week. the good news is that i downloaded the wordpress app for the ipad which is why you’re getting a post tonight.

i’m now on my way to augusta by way of atlanta for the masters golf tournament. this morning I had the pleasure of playing the east lake country club aka the home of bobby jones (above). his southern golfer stlye is impeccable. you can expect a post on bobby and the masters golf tournament this friday when I return from my journey. i will have much to report.