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weekly six pack vol 6

i figured i’d sneak my weekly six pack in here before time ran out.  “popular” is a song from lil wayne’s new album i am not a human being. i love the hook and there’s also a line about chris johnson.  i put another avett brother’s tune in the six pack because we were supposed to go see them last night.  i’ve heard mixed reviews on the show, so i’m not too upset we missed it.  the third song by the dodo’s is called “fables.”  a friend of mine brought a boombox to the golf course last weekend and it came on his ipod.  i forgot how good it was.  “you’re gonna kill that girl” by the ramones would be on any halloween playlist i would make.  “magdalena” is a tune off of brandon flowers new record.  i know a million reasons why i shouldn’t like his music, but who cares.  the last track is “mine” from taylor swift.  her new record is good.  i’m not kidding.  if you don’t believe then check out the new rolling stone.  4 stars.  seriously.


weekly six pack vol 3

the weekly six pack is national heavy this week after seeing them last sunday night.  “mr. november” is a classic and sneakily one of my top 50 favorite songs of all time.  “90-mile water wall” is a bit obscure off of sad songs for dirty lovers and the other two are off the new album high violet. the avett brothers released an excellent live album this past week which is why i chose “murder in the city.”  the last song “you! me! dancing!” by los campesinos! is in the budweiser / mlb playoff commercial.  it’s just the intro in the ad but gets me fired up none-the-less.