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band of outsiders for the academy awards

i just caught this story over at selectism.  band of outsiders sent a list of select nominees (alexander payne, woody allen, george clooney, brad pitt, jonah hill, and gary oldman) a gift package containing a fortune cookie and a clip-on bow tie.  the inside reads “he who wears band of outsiders bow tie wins important award.”  i wonder if any of these gentlemen will take a chance with it.  what a great idea from band of outsiders.  to see some well-dressed nominees from previous oscars click here.

band of outsiders spring 2011 lookbook

band of outsiders just realeased their spring 2011 lookbook.  you can find the whole photo shoot featuring actor james mardsen here, but if you don’t have time to look at all the pics click on the next page for a few of my favorites.  Continue reading

kirsten dunst for band of outsiders

if girls are dressing like this come spring and summertime, then i will be a happy man.

style icon: jason schwartzman

i realize it’s a little premature to call jason swartzman a style icon, but the dude knows how to dress.  from skinny ties to perfectly tailored suits to his own rod lavers.  his style seems to be a true reflection of his personality and that’s how it should be.  whenever i think about how i want to dress for the fall, i can’t help but think about last year’s band of outsiders lookbook starring schwartzman.  it’s a nice collection of sweaters, tweed sportscoats, khakis, and boat shoes.  more pics of the actor on the next page. 

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kirsten dunst for band of outsiders.  has she always had such amazing legs.  damn.