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new weejuns

bass weejuns are some of my all time favorite shoes.  i’m now on my third pair in 10 years.  i’ve worn penny loafers since i was a kid, but didn’t consider them cool until i went to new york my junior of college and 4 out of 10 guys we went to dinner with were wearing some form of penny loafer.  when i returned from my trip, i found a pair of burgundy weejuns on the sale rack at whatever department store is now macy’s.  i believe they were $40 at the time.  now they’ll run you a cool $99 on zappos.  i challenge you to find a better shoe for under $100.

(sorry for the below average pictures.  i went a little overboard with my iphone camera filters)

saddle shoe spectrum (via valet)

i think valet and i are on the same page about saddle shoes this fall.  if i had the cash i’d probably throw down for the mark mcnairy’s but you can’t go wrong with any of the other three.  here’s another looks at the mcnairy’s: