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ledbury swim trunks


don’t worry, it’s not too late in the summer for a new pair of trunks.  if you’re a fan or ledbury (and even if you’re not), you need to check out their new hilliard swim trunks.  there’s a nice little story about the idea behind the swim trunks that can be found here on their blog.  but if you’re not into reading, then know that they’re not too baggy and not too slim, they’re made of nylon, and they hit slightly above the knee.  what more do you need in a swim trunk?  you can cop a pair here.



the perfect beach bag

i’m currently in summer vacation mode.  i need to hit the beach sooner than later.  one thing that’s essential for the beach is a good beach bag like this filson oil finished tote bag.  i’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, because it’s the perfect size to accommodate your towel, sunscreen, book, and a beer or two.

vacation time

i will be in florida for the next couple of days for some much needed vacation. i brought my ipad with me but not sure how often i will post. i’ll be back in full force next week. i hope everyone had a good weekend.

verdict: espadrilles

espadrilles keep trying to make a comeback.  at the end of last summer, they started to gain some momentum – which has carried into 2011.  a friend of mine called me not too long ago and said he had just purchased a pair.  i told him i didn’t like them on dudes.  we then had a heated argument about the cheap shoes that could have potentially ended our friendship (not really but i think i made him mad).  and earlier this week valet listed them as part of their “spring shoe week.”  i can see their appeal (especially if you’re like me and think flip-flops were only made for the beach), but i just don’t think i’d look good in them.  now that they’re showing up more and more, i’m becoming more accepting of them.  verdict: if hemingway wore them, then they’re ok.  olivia palermo’s boyfriend wears them the right way (below).  with that said, we all don’t look like olivia palermo’s boyfriend, so proceed with caution.