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kunis and portman

two kunis and portman posts in one day is a good day.  i might need to see black swan again.  such a good movie.

pick one

dear black swan, thanks for everything.

i saw black swan

i loved it.  phenomenal movie.  perfectly cast.  natalie portman and mila kunis are so fine.  i won’t disclose any spoilers, but get ready for some surprises.  everyone i’ve talked to who has seen the film has a different theory on it.  mine is the right one though.  kidding.  go see it when you can.

let’s try this again

my weekend plans are as follows: will attempt to see black swan (since it’s finally out in nashville) and will spend sunday afternoon in front of multiple tvs watching the titans lose and my fantasy team fight an uphill battle.  the dude i’m playing has a 43 point lead thanks to vincent jackson and mike tolbert.  i’ve got a secret weapon though…kenny britt.  yeah, i’m probably done.  i had the same type of lead last weekend and lost so anything can happen.

weekend plans

i realize it’s the the holiday season and there are parties to go to, but i need to see black swan as soon as possible.