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steve buscemi is a rare talent.  he’s not an incredibly attractive guy, but he is an incredibly talented actor.  i feel like people have been scared to cast him as a lead for that reason, so i’m glad he’s finally getting his due.  i’ve blogged about ad nauseum about how great i think boardwalk empire is so i’ll spare you today.  i love this guy.

new crush: kelly macdonald

if you watch boardwalk empire then you know what i’m talking about.  kelly plays the widow margaret schroeder.  it’s definitely not the clothes that make her so damn appealing on the show.  it might be the accent or maybe it’s her character.  i can’t explain it, but there’s something so sexy about the way she portrays a poor, scottish widow falling under the charms of the rich boss of the town nucky thompson.  she cleans up good too.  i’m already looking forward to next week.

can’t wait for sunday

sunday used to be my least favorite day of the week.  in grade school, i would spend most sundays terrified of school the next day.  there was also never any good tv on.  in college, i began obsessing over professional football.  i was a college football fan first and foremost but then someone introduced me to gambling and fantasy football.  that was the beginning of the end.  now after a full day of football i have what’s arguably the best tv lineup of all time.  boardwalk empire, mad men, eastbound & down, and one another show that i’m too embarrassed to mention i watch.  i already can’t wait until this weekend is almost over.

boardwalk empire

last night was the premiere of hbo’s new drama boardwalk empire.  i’ve never been a big tv person, but i feel like we’ve hit the prime time (pun intended) of television shows.  a good series to me is becoming more enjoyable than a good movie thanks to mad men, breaking bad, the wire, and several others. 

last night’s episode was directed by martin scorsese who sets the tone for the rest of the season.  set in prohibition-era atlantic city, boardwalk empire gives us a glimpse at the start of organized crime in new jersey (kind of like the sopranos except the set is a little more interesting and the clothes are much nicer).  i’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

ps nucky thompson, played by the excellent steve buscemi, is a great name for a character.  nice work writers.