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shoe fitting 101


this may sound ridiculous, but until last week i didn’t know my shoe size.  for those of you that know me, this is no surprise.  i’m constantly buying shoes, wearing them for two days, and then putting them up on ebay.  it’s become a ridiculous and expensive cycle, but a nice one for ebayers that like red wings and aldens.

the week before thanksgiving i called the closest red wing store and had them ship me a new pair of boots.  they didn’t fit.  they were too wide and too short.  i tried to ship them back, but they made me come to the store.  i’m glad i did.  the lady working at the store measured me on red wing’s machine and gave me the bad/good news: i measured an 11a.  i told her she was crazy and that i was 9.5 or a 10.  she then pulled out the brannock device and that’s when things clicked.  Continue reading

the right fit

you probably see the device above every time you purchase shoes, but do you know how to use it?  like me you probably think you know your shoe size.  i thought i did until last night.

i’ve always had trouble with my shoe size.  i can never decide between a 9.5 and a 10 – one feels too big and the other too small.  after a couple of days in my new allen edmonds park avenues size 9.5, my feet began to hurt.  i chalked it up to being new shoes and thought the leather would start to give at some point.  at the end of the day yesterday, i reached down to see where my toe was and i had little to no room at the end.  how could this be?  they started out feeling perfect.

i was determined to do something about it so i went to the only place in town that carries allen edmonds and tried on the 10.  the woman measured my foot before hand on a brannock device and told me i measured a 10.  “excuse me,” i said.  “that says a 9.5.”  my foot was right on the 9.5 line.  she looked at me like i was a total idiot.  the brannock device measures your foot size not necessarily your shoe size.  you see the two are congruent, but if your toe is on the line or slightly over then you must go to the next size up i.e. a 10 for me.  you’d think at 29 years i would already have realized that, but i make the same mistake with shoes over and over again.  this was groundbreaking for me.

we spent the next 30 minutes discussing shoe size and fit.  my width is slightly narrow between a b and c, but since the park avenue is on a narrow last the d fits me fine.  my arch is off the charts at 10.5 or 11.  my feet don’t look weird but they are extremely difficult to fit.  we also spoke about loafers.  since i have a narrow heel, i’ve been going .5 size down in loafers and she told me never ever to do that.  she said that’s what heel pads are for.  genius advice.

i’m sure most of you already know these fit tips, but if you don’t get your shoe measured properly by an expert.  we spend so much time in our shoes that the wrong fit will kill your day.  you may have been 9 when you were 15 and stopped growing, but you could be 10.5 now because of the way your foot flattens out as you grow or how much it swells at the end of day.  interesting huh?