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sperry top-sider oxford wingtip

sperry top-sider introduced their premium “cloud” collection sometime last year.  one of the shoes they featured was the suede wingtip you see above.  the cool thing about this shoe is that it follows the traditional wingtip design, but is accented with sperry’s rubber sole and leather laces.  if you’ve been thinking about a casual wingtip that you’d like to wear this fall and don’t want to drop several hundred bucks, then this is the one to get.  you can order your pair here.


longwing talk

i’m embarrassed to say that i don’t own a pair of wingtips.  i might have mentioned that on here before.  the main reason is because i figured if i’m going to buy a pair i might as well save for a nice pair.  i understand the importance of paying top dollar for shoes – they last a whole lot longer if you take care of them.  these days it’s important to stretch the dollar as far as you can.

i haven’t seen much of florsheim except for their collaboration with duckie brown which i thought was a little much (really obnoxious colors).  while going through my google reader this morning, i saw a post on the momentum of failure and his new pair of florsheim limited wingtips caught my eye .  judging from the pic alone, i guessed they were probably $200 to $300.  they looked really nice.  after a quick google search, i realized they retail for $160 on zappos.  it got me thinking: do i really need to pay top dollar for a new pair of wingtips?  i can’t decide.  there are many pluses to buying aldens (bottom pic) but i could buy myself another year of saving if i went with the florsheim (top pic).  either way i think they’re both great looking shoes.  i’ll let you know what i decide.