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born in the usa / bruce springsteen kit

bruce springsteen’s 17th album wrecking ball is out today.  i’ve heard a few tracks from it.  it sounds like vintage bruce.  i’m excited to give it a spin this morning.  springsteen occupied the jimmy fallon show last week by playing a couple of new tunes and dressing up like born in the usa bruce (you can check that out here).  i can’t say that born in the usa is my favorite boss album, but it’s hard to argue with the all-american style of it’s iconic cover.  here’s a tiny tribute to it in the form of a kit: 

j. crew broken-in pocket tee – you can save a lot of laundry detergent by buying an already broken-in t-shirt.

red yankees hat – that’s a red baseball hat in bruce’s pocket and not a bandana.  it was given to him by his buddy lance larson.  bruce put it his back pocket as a tribute to larson’s late father.

levi’s shrink to fit 501 jeans – fact: levi’s sales went through the roof after this album came out.

braided belt – i would not recommend a bedazzled belt like bruce is wearing on the cover.

frye engineer boots – the boss wears fryes.  who knew.  who also knew that frye is one of the world’s oldest bootmakers.  not me.

fender telecaster – i have a tele.  i f**king love it.


“i’m a long gone daddy in the usa.”

rest in peace big man

when the change was made uptown
and the big man joined the band
from the coastline to the city
all the little pretties raise their hands
im gonna sit back right easy and laugh
when scooter and the big man bust this city in half
with a tenth avenue freeze-out

sad weekend.  clarence clemons, e. street band saxophonist, passed away at 69.  his contribution to rock and roll music should not be understated.  he was a game-changer.  e. street will never be the same.  clemons is irreplaceable.  rest in peace, big man.

springsteen f/w

these are two of my favorite images of springsteen.  one looks like it was shot in the fall and the other in winter.  i want a leather jacket.  i’m gonna buy a schott perfecto 613 before i die.  i may never wear it, but that won’t stop me from owning it.

i spent a good two hours on friday night listening to the promise after a couple of beers.  holy shit.  what an album.  if i could write one song like springsteen, i’d die a happy man.  he’s such an interesting study for me.  on the surface level, his music is so simple, but when you start to break it down and really listen to it, it’s much more than that.  do remember the first time you heard “born in the usa?”  do you remember the first time you actually heard the lyrics.  it makes a difference.

music you need today

kanye west my beautiful dark twisted fantasy – as good as it gets

girl talk all day – greg gillis’ best effort yet

bruce springsteen the promise – the missing link between born to run & darkness

weekly six pack vol 9

if you’ve been online this week, then you probably heard girl talk released his newest disc of mashups all day.  i’d argue it’s his best yet.  i’ve been hooked since the opening track “oh no” because of the ramones sample.

let me preface the second song on here by saying i’m not a big mix tape kind of guy, but j. cole is something special.  “villematic” is my favorite cut on friday night lights because he explains college in a way you can really understand:

to the college kids no scholarships starting your semesters / unpacking your suitcases filling up your dresser / enjoy it while you got it after that it’s god bless ya / life is your professor know that bitch is gonna test ya

the third song “old fashioned” is this week’s new favorite cee lo song.  dude can pretty much do anything he wants.  i’d throw him in the genius category.

the next three songs are all from springsteen’s new album the promise. they were recorded in between born to run and darkness at the edge of town. i was hesitant to buy this release because 2005’s born to run reissue just wasn’t that good.  the promise is more than i could have hoped for.  if you’re a fan, it’s a must have.  if you’re not, give a spin anyway.