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sunglasses rotation

the other day someone at my office asked if i had on new sunglasses.  i told him they were not new and that i had a couple of pairs that i rotate depending on the mood i’m in.  he looked at me at a little funny.  i’m not sure why.  i think sunglasses are an essential piece of anybody’s wardrobe.  i get bored easily, so it’s nice to change it up from time to time.  one of my pet peeves is when people tell me they buy cheap sunglasses because they think they’ll lose them.  hogwash.  buy yourself a nice pair and take care of them.  i don’t mean blow your whole paycheck.  get you a nice pair of ray-bans.  they won’t set you back too much.  i tend to stick to styles that i know won’t go out of style like wayfarers or aviators.  my sunglasses rotation for the spring and summer from top to bottom:

ray-ban wayfarer (black)

ray-ban wayfarer (tortoise)

ray-ban clubmaster

ray-ban caravan

this post is not sponsored by ray-ban, but i wish it was.  i like ray-bans because they fit my face better than other brands and they’re easy to find.

and the caravan is on its way

it’s hard to argue with the appeal of aviator sunglasses.  they’re as classic as it gets.  i’ve purchased a pair of the original tear-drop shaped aviators at least three times in my life, but they just don’t fit my face.  cue the alternative square shaped aviators above better known as the caravan model.  these fit my small face like a glove.  i tried randolph engineering’s version of these aviator, but they still didn’t feel right.  i’m a ray-ban man all the way.