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apc + carhartt

i hadn’t really heard of carhartt until my freshman year at the university of georgia.  all my new friends only wore button downs and carhartt pants.  i had to phone the ‘rents and ask them for cash to buy some new trousers.  i bought the same pair of carhartt work pants in 3 different colors.  i wore them the rest of college.  they were the perfect pants (at the time).  several years post-college i found apc jeans.  i’ve been wearing them for a year now and couldn’t be happier.  they’re nowhere near as broken in as i’d like them to be but this stuff takes time.  carhartt has now partnered with apc to offer some pretty cool shit (like the t-shirts above).  i believe most of it was released last month, but i just saw these t-shirts the other day and figured i needed one.