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catching hell

espn does a great job with their documentaries.  the 30 for 30 series is one of the best.  when i saw the trailer for catching hell, i made sure my dvr was set for record.  i watched it last night.  i am so thankful alex gibney made this movie.  poor steve bartman and poor chicago cubs.

if you don’t know the story, let me give you a quick summary: in the 2003 national league champion series between the marlins and the cubs, a cubs fan named steve bartman interfered with a catchable foul ball that led to a complete cubs meltdown.  the cubs went on to lose the nlcs and the world series drought continued.  fans blamed bartman for the collapse.

gibney does a great job taking the documentary from the curse of the billy goat to bill buckner’s missed groundball in the 1986 world series to steve bartman’s fan interference.  he interviews those that were in the stands around bartman as well as baseball announcer steve lyons who called the game and moises alou who almost makes the catch.

if you’re a baseball fan, it’s a must watch.  if you’re not a baseball fan, there’s something there for you too.  it’s an interesting study on being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  if that ball was hit a foot to the left, the documentary might have been about someone else.  instead cubs fans are left blaming bartman for crushing their hopes and dreams.