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common projects chelsea boots in charcoal


i need these boots.  they’re sold out on mr. porter.  this brings a tear to at least one of my eyes.  i bought a pair of brown ones last summer.  they are my go-to kicks.  if you see a pair of these somewhere on the internet, please holler at ya boi.  i need them asap.

common projects chelsea boots


chelsea boots are suddenly en vogue.  well, maybe suddenly is the wrong word choice.  they never really go out of style.  they’re classics.

i’ve had my eye on these common projects chelsea boots since 2012.  i regret not following through with the purchase because kanye started wearing them and if ye’s wearing them then that means they’re going to be harder and harder to get (duh).  i’ve been hesitant to mention them on here because i wasn’t sure how i felt about the color choices – tan and grey.  i’m on board now.  you can pre-order a pair on barneys website, but they won’t ship until february.  we’ll call that they ye effect.


wolverine 1000 mile chelsea boots

photo 2

i’ve been looking for a pair of chelsea boots for the last couple of years.  i looked at frye (too trendy), r.m. williams (too pointy), blundstone (didn’t fit right), and several others before stumbling upon these gems this morning.  i never jumped on the wolverine 1000 mile bandwagon because i had a pair of red wings that looked exactly like them, but after trying these bad boys on, i regret that decision.  these boots are insanely comfortable as soon as you slip them on your feet (not like red wings).  i sized down .5 per wolverine’s recommendation, but might have been able to go down a full size.  either way i can’t wait to start wearing them.

photo 1 photo 3

common projects for robert geller chelsea boots #nyfw

new york fashion week is going on right now.  usually, i don’t pay too much attention to #nyfw, but i follow so many bloggers and style writers on twitter that i can no longer ignore it.  one thing that caught my eye yesterday were these common projects for robert geller f/w 2012 chelsea boots.  the good people at park & bond were nice enough to share this picture on their tumblr.  i’m not a big cp fan, but i could become one after seeing these bad boys.

crockett & jones chelsea boots

i was walking into a lunch appointment the other day, took a look at my new work shoes, and realized something: they’re kind of boring.  it got me thinking.  what could i wear with a suit that’s not too out there, but pops enough for people to notice.  the answer: chelsea boots.  why do i want people to notice my shoes?  mostly because i work with entertainment clients, but also because men check out other mens shoes.  it’s weird, but true.  i don’t see many business men in nashville rocking chelsea boots.  we’re a very conservative business community, but my job is a little more out of the box.  the trick here is finding the right pair of chelsea boots – which is why we turn to english shoe maker crockett & jones.  these puppies are nice enough to wear to work, but totally appropriate for post-work and weekend activities.  they retail for under $600, so they will not be on my feet any time soon.  i’m thinking an after xmas / birthday trip to new york is needed.  happy birthday to me (in january).