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levi’s chambray by opening ceremony

i might be in the minority, but i love videos like this one.  i probably would have picked different music, but i think it does a good job of showing both the men’s and women’s pieces of levi’s collaboration with opening ceremony.  the clothes are a little pricey for levi’s – starting at $175.  you can find them in select levi’s stores, opening ceremony, and


steven alan x nike

i’m a sucker for any gray tennis shoe especially when it’s a retro flavor.  nikes don’t excite my like your average blogger, but i’m all over this collaboration between steven alan and nike.  of course, they’re already all sold out.  i got out of town for one weekend and this is what happens.  i’ll keep checking in case they release a few more – which is not likely.

j. press for urban outfitters

stop the presses (pun sort of intended): j. press has officially announced a collaboration with urban outfitters.  kind of strange, but urban outfitters is quick to jump on any trend and preppy is trendy right now.  here’s the official word (via pursuit aesthetic):

Founded on the grounds of Yale University over 100 years ago, menswear label J. Press is iconic for its belief in quality above all else. With artfully tailored and distinguished designs, the elite sportswear brand has been a long-time favorite among U.S. Presidents, statesmen, and scholars. And this December, we’re pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration line with the label, J. Press for Urban Outfitters

“j. press is iconic for its belief in quality.”  i like that line because urban outfitters is not.  i haven’t purchased a shirt or anything at urban outfitters that hasn’t fallen apart in a couple of months.  i like their stuff, but it’s cheap.  hopefully, j. press will bring a touch of quality to uo.