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friends are waiting

you got me, budweiser.  this commercial is amazing.  i typically don’t post this type of fare on here,  but i couldn’t resist.  i have a lab and she’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.  drinking and driving is stupid.  let’s try not to do it.  #friendsarewaiting

speaking of bukowski


i’ll be honest with you, i haven’t read a ton of charles bukowski, but what i have read i have enjoyed.  one of my favorite poems of all time is “the laughing heart.”  i have a copy on my phone, beside my desk, and on my refrigerator.  i’ve memorized half of it (i should probably know the whole thing by now, but memorization is not my strong suit).  if you haven’t read it, please read it a couple of times today, tomorrow and maybe the next day. oh, and check out this excellent levi’s commercial from 2011.  time to start living or at least remember how to.

wes anderson for hyundai

i don’t do a ton of videos on to take the train, but these two wes anderson spots for hyundai are worth watching.  wes anderson’s vison and directing combined with jeff bridges’ voice over pack a nice punch for the south korean car company.  i’m not going to rush out and buy a hyundai, but i certainly won’t be judging you if you do.

“talk to my car”

“modern life”