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yeezus indian headress t-shirt


i bought this t-shirt.  this is not a joke.  i think it’s f**king awesome.  it reminded me of the grateful dead x wes lang t-shirt that i neglected to buy last year.  leave it to kanye to create something so next level that it almost completely contradicts his personal brand (or does it? i can’t keep up).

i missed his show in nashville the other night.  it looked amazing from what i saw on instagram.  i hope i can catch it in another city, but if that doesn’t happen, at least i’ll have this badass indian headress t-shirt (that’s funny on so many levels).  you can get your very own here if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

garth brooks in nashville

i went to the 2nd of 9 garth brooks concerts in nashville last night.  pardon the somewhat decent but overall crappy iphone photo.  i’m not necessarily a garth brooks fan, but figured i needed to see him before he went back into retirement.  we went to the 10pm show.  he came on about 10:45 and did an hour and half worth of material.  he knows his audience so he stuck to the hits – the highlights being “callin baton rouge” and “friends in low places” with confetti cannons.  i had a blast but am paying the price this morning.  as great as he was, the audience was better.  they sang every word and brought the energy – which is tough at midnight on a school night if you’re a working stiff like me.  i wasn’t converted into a super fan last night, but had a great time anyway.  go if you have the chance.