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the best dressed golfer

i mentioned last week that  on my way to the masters i stopped in atlanta to play bobby jones’ home course east lake country club. one of the most incredible things about playing east lake was the bobby jones memorabilia scattered throughout the club house.  it was full of pictures and trophies and equipment that bobby used.  it got me thinking about golf in the early 20th century and how people referred to it as “a gentleman’s game.”  the players would come to the course wearing wool slacks (on their real waist), neckties, plaid socks, and knickers.  their shoes were two-tone leather that might look good with a suit, and their hair was slicked back and nicely trimmed.  the most stylish of them all was none other than bobby jones.  it’s a shame there are some knuckleheads playing professional golf that look more suited for a club (in the vegas sense of the word).  you know the ones i’m talking about that wear big belt buckles matched with loud pants and tacky shirts (i’m talking to you ricky fowler).  it’d be nice if some golfers would go retro for a tournament or two.  i won’t hold my breath.  on the next page, you’ll find a couple more pictures of bobby jones showing off his impeccable golf style.  enjoy.    Continue reading