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worst fashion trends of the last decade

the picture above is absolutely incredible.  if i were to try and define someone as a douche, this is the picture i would show them.  why would anyone ever dress like that?  and if someone were dressed like that who would look at it and say “you know i really want to dress like that.”  ed hardy is something i will never truly understand and i’m fine with that. 

details has put together a slideshow of the worst fashion trends of the last decade.  i’m glad to see trucker hats and fedoras on the list (my group of friends call fedoras “statement hats” which i think is a lot funnier).  i also liked seeing stocking hats worn indoors and low cut v-neck shirts on the list.  if i could add one thing it would be mma clothes or brands that come from ultimate fighting.  that s**t looks so stupid.