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barbour on a budget

a couple of weeks ago i received an email from a guy named jake lester.  he was asking my opinion about buying a barbour jacket on ebay.  he specifically wanted to know if i had any tips on how to spot a fake.  one of the easiest ways is the detail on the buttons.  a fake barbour won’t have embossed buttons with the barbour name.  barbour’s website has a few more useful tips if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

he sent me a link to a jacket he wanted to place a bid on.  the seller had sold barbour jackets in the past and had positive feedback.  i told him to go for it.  unfortunately, the jacket was pulled before the auction ended.  bummer.

yesterday afternoon i got another email from jake telling me that he told his mom and grandmother to be on the lookout for anything barbour as they did their antique and thrift shopping (they both own stores).  lo and behold his grandmother found a beaufort in his size for three dollars at one of her routine stops.  she sent him the pictures that you see below.  what an incredible find.  if this doesn’t entice you to step out to your local thrift store every once in a while, then i don’t know what will.  thanks for sharing, jake.

nike mag back for the future

if you read other blogs besides to take the train (and i know you do), then you’ve probably been nike mag-ed to death in the past week.  my apologies for the redundancy, but it’s too cool not to mention.  nike is auctioning off 1500 pairs of the shoes made famous by michael j. fox in back to the future part ii.  all proceeds go to support the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson’s research.  go here to place a bid or at least to see what everyone else is bidding.

by the way, when are they going to start making hoverboards?  i need one as soon as possible.