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hemingway in the winter

if i had to outline my life in phases, there would be three worth mentioning: the indiana jones phase (years 6-13); the beatles/brit pop phase (years 13-17); and the ernest hemingway phase (years 18-30).  reading hemingway is like getting punched in the gut and enjoying it.  it’s eye opening.  no one lives like hemingway any more; you couldn’t get away with it – which is why we spend time reading and re-reading his stories.  there’s a part of every man that wants to live those adventures.

hemingway knew how to dress.  i found a photo of him kicking a can in the snow (next page) and realized there was some great pictures of him dressed for the winter.  he valued a lot of the same things we do now like heavy wool pants, leather boots, plaid shirts, and shawl collar sweaters.  some things never go out of style and for good reason.  i only wish i could have found a few more photos.  check them out on the next page.

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papa hemingway

who doesn’t love papa hemingway?  dude was the alpha male.  look at him laid back on his boat with a drink in his hand and a tommy gun on his lap.  you can’t make this stuff up.  he lived quite a life.  his books and stories appeal to guys in their twenties because deep down there’s a part of all of us that want to go on a great adventure and never look back.  the sun also rises is such a phenomenal book.  read it if you haven’t already.  my old man’s personal favorite is to have and have not.

note: his kid looks kind of like conan o’brien as a child.  it also looks like one of his a-hole buddies put the hat on his head just to take the picture cause he knew hemingway was out.   no one f**ks with hemingway though.  right?