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one vest to rule them all

i realize this is a terrible name for a blog post, but this is the vest.  this is the vest i will be buying this fall/winter.  it’s made by filson and comes in navy, red, and gray.  it’s about $100 more than i’d like to spend, but it has the right look and since filson makes it you know it’s quality.

fall essential

i know i’m not going out on a limb here with my fall essential choices.  mainly because i want this blog to be full of classics and things that i actually own or would wear (if i had the money in some instances).  ties are something that you shouldn’t buy cheap.  it’s obvious (and slightly embarrassing) when you’re wearing a cheap tie so plan on paying a little under or a little over $100 for a tie.  if you take care good care of it then it will last you several years – which is why i recommend you purchase a knit tie from  it doesn’t get any more classic than this.  it’s not necessarily a fall essential, but a life essential.  don’t believe me?  then check out the tie on my friend mr. west:

classic and classy.

l.l. bean norwegian sweater

i watched jaws this past weekend and for the first time paid close attention to some of the clothes in the film (i’ll post screen grabs later).  one item that stuck out was the sweater the drunk dude wears in the first scene of the movie.  at the bonfire on the beach the dude is dressed in shorts and a sweater that looks like this one from l.l. bean.  from what little research i’ve done, i found out that this particular sweater was made in the 70’s so there’s a distinct possibility that the two are very similar.  since old school prep is back in full force, go ahead and grab one for the winter.