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for fall: new balance crt300


summer is winding down (or at least i hope it is.  it’s way too damn hot outside).  i’m ready for the fall.  i like everything about the fall i.e. football, european football, baseball playoffs, cooler weather, whiskey, tailgates, jackets (i was a fat kid growing up), more football.  you get the picture.  one thing you’re going to need for all this fall goodness is a pair of transition kicks.  enter the new balance crt300.  it’s a suede and mesh retro looking tennis shoe featuring new balance’s revlite soul technology (it means they’re super light, ya dingus).  i’m a big fan of this weird looking blue, but if you’re not digging it, more colorways are available at



time for a change

growing up is hard to do.  the year after i graduated from college i told my mom & dad all i wanted for christmas was grown up clothes.  what i meant was a nice jacket to replace the ratty north face fleece that i had been wearing for 7 years straight.  i searched for a worthy replacement but sadly settled on a new north face.  that was a period of time when i didn’t really give a shit about what i looked like (i was working in the music business where people wear flip flops year round).  now things have changed and wearing a north face or patagonia on a date (with my wife) or to the bar just doesn’t feel right – makes me feel like i’m still in college.  enter the perfect jacket for the weekend: the filson mackinaw crusier – tough enough to spend the days in the woods and good looking enough to make it to the bar with you after.  and just in case you were curious the old gray north face has been retired.