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fall inspiration: jaws (post 2)

last friday i posted some stills from the the movie jaws (which is an unassuming influence on my fall style).  i love the norwegian sweater in the first still and wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.  above are a couple of other things i like from the film and below is where to find them.  

m65 jacket

ray-ban aviators

j.crew chambray shirt

j. crew broken chinos

l.l. bean fisherman’s hat

sperry top-siders

fall inspiration: jaws

i realize jaws is technically a summer movie, but the clothes in film resemble a lot of what i’m seeing now and what i like to wear in the fall: chambray shirts, norwegian sweaters, knit ties, and field jackets.  even the amity police jacket that brody wears looks a lot like a barracuda jacket.  i’ll put together a good place to find each item later this weekend.  in the meantime, enjoy these screen grabs.  there are more on the next page so don’t forget to click read more. 

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