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worthy style advice from esquire

after seeing the adjustment bureau on Sunday, i mentioned the hats they wore in the film.  esquire has some good advice on whether or not you should wear one:

What’s your problem with hats? Should no one, anywhere, wear a hat
unless he’s bald?

I like some hats, and I even have a favorite battered Borsalino
exclusively for gardening. I simply feel that in the 21st century, a
man cannot wear a brimmed hat like a fedora without making some kind
of statement. A man does not wear a fedora now to fit in, as he did in
our grandfathers’ time; he wears it to stand out and to say, “Hey,
look at me, I’ve got a hat on!” If you’re good with that, fine. If
not, equally fine.

agreed completely.  they also tackle the issue of tailoring your jeans:

I recently purchased a some nice jeans, but they’re too long. How do I
find a good tailor?
What you need is what is called a European hem — a good alterations
tailor removes cloth from each leg and then reattaches the original
finished hem so the join is barely visible. Get some local
recommendations for the tailor; a good test is to ask the tailor how
he would tackle it. And finally, wash your new jeans before getting
them altered, as shrinkage can occur in the wash.

store that information away for the next time you visit a new tailor.  it’s taken me 4 pairs of ruined jeans and 4 new tailors to find one that understands the “european hem” because i didn’t know how to explain it.

worst fashion trends of the last decade

the picture above is absolutely incredible.  if i were to try and define someone as a douche, this is the picture i would show them.  why would anyone ever dress like that?  and if someone were dressed like that who would look at it and say “you know i really want to dress like that.”  ed hardy is something i will never truly understand and i’m fine with that. 

details has put together a slideshow of the worst fashion trends of the last decade.  i’m glad to see trucker hats and fedoras on the list (my group of friends call fedoras “statement hats” which i think is a lot funnier).  i also liked seeing stocking hats worn indoors and low cut v-neck shirts on the list.  if i could add one thing it would be mma clothes or brands that come from ultimate fighting.  that s**t looks so stupid.