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flannels.  you need them and there’s no better time than now.  i don’t mean to be too j. crew heavy on the blog (when am i not though), but their email marketing is on point.  they emailed last week about their flannels and my brain went “hey dude, you could use some flannels for the fall.”  boom.  done.  check out their selection here.  (please note: tomorrow will not be a j. crew post i promise.)


ebbets field for imogene + willie

i stopped by imogene + willie today after an excellent lunch at burger up.  the first thing that caught my attention was the ebetts field hats behind the counter.  i mentioned them in october when one of my friends bought one.  all i had to do was try it on and i was sold.  pretty easy sell – especially when you’re talking about a company named for the place the brooklyn dodgers played baseball.  i’m a huge baseball fan and love fitted wool hats.  that’s all i bought when i was kid.

i found out some good info when i was in there.  matt eddmenson, the owner, is going to be featured in the next issue of free & easy with his vintage red jeep.  definitely need to get my hands on that issue as soon as i can.  i hope i didn’t ruin the surprise for anyone.