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free & easy: how to be a rugged man

my new copy of free & easy just arrived at my office.  this month’s issue is “how to be a rugged man.”  it might be easier to learn how to be a rugged man if i could read japanese, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the pictures.  obviously you can’t have a “how to be a rugged man” issue of anything without steve mcqueen.  here are a few pages that caught my eye upon first skim-through (be sure to click read more).

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ebbets field for imogene + willie

i stopped by imogene + willie today after an excellent lunch at burger up.  the first thing that caught my attention was the ebetts field hats behind the counter.  i mentioned them in october when one of my friends bought one.  all i had to do was try it on and i was sold.  pretty easy sell – especially when you’re talking about a company named for the place the brooklyn dodgers played baseball.  i’m a huge baseball fan and love fitted wool hats.  that’s all i bought when i was kid.

i found out some good info when i was in there.  matt eddmenson, the owner, is going to be featured in the next issue of free & easy with his vintage red jeep.  definitely need to get my hands on that issue as soon as i can.  i hope i didn’t ruin the surprise for anyone.