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gant rugger spring/summer 2011

i love these video especially when there is a vintage motorcycles involved (aka something i will never own).  i also love gant ruggers stuff, but don’t own any.  if i head back up to nyc this spring, i will definitely be making some purchases.

on a different: the band playing in the video is us royalty who also did the video for gant ruggers f/w 2010.  i downloaded half of their new album yesterday.  i can’t decide if i like them or not.  “every summer” (released a couple of years ago) is a great track, but their insistence on being aligned to the fashion world turns me off a little bit.  i understand the importance of good promotion, but they seem to be taking it a bit too far.  i like my rock bands to at least pretend like they don’t give a shit (see below).

gant rugger baseball jacket

i’ve never been big on baseball or varsity jackets but i really like the look of this one from gant rugger.  it’s cut short and looks like it hugs your body rather than fitting you like a sheet.

gant rugger fall/winter video lookbook

i see some things in there i could live with.