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the perfect fall shirt: the oxford button down

fall is right around the corner.  if you’re thinking about what shirts you should stock up on this season, look no further than the classic oxford button down.  they never go out of style and you can never have too many.  plus they’re low maintenance – they look good nicely ironed or a little bit wrinkled.  i tend to stick the classic blue and white, but don’t let that prevent you from adding some color to your life.  here are four companies doing oxfords right:

ralph lauren


j. crew

gitman bros vintage

spring shirt options: gitman bros vintage

gitman bros vintage makes a perfect shirt for spring and summer.  their collection is full of light-weight oxfords and chambrays as well as indian cotton madras shirts.  each shirt at gitman bros. vintage is an “authentic interpretation” of one of their creations from the past – which include original double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, and box pleats.  here are four of my favorites:

verdict: the patchwork shirt

valet’s ‘outlook’ column this morning is on patchwork shirts (left gant right mcnairy).  mark mcnairy calls it a ‘fun shirt’.  i call it a mess.  i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy one if it fits your style, but i don’t like them.  i remember seeing these as a kid.  i actually think my grandparents bought me one for christmas.  it reminded me of fruit stripes gum (if you remember that).  i realize they’re “in” this spring/summer since everyone from gitman bros. vintage to j. press is making a version, but i just don’t dig it.

gitman bros vintage with club collars

available at epaulet