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style icon: michael caine


who says you can’t wear loafers with a suit?  sure as hell not michael caine.  in fact, i couldn’t find a picture of him not wearing loafers (and few without a cigarette in his mouth).  if you’re a suit-and-tie to work kind of guy, then michael caine is your style muse.  his suits were tailored to perfection by the late great english tailor doug hayward.  hayward tailored his customers suits to savile row standards, but with the relaxed aesthetic of italian design.  caine finished the look with thick rimmed glasses, a thin tie and a cigarette.  it worked as caine is often regarded as one of the most stylish men on and off the silver screen.  and if you haven’t seen caine do work in get carter, do yourself a favor and rent it this weekend.  it’s a classic.


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new warby parker frames for 2011

fresh from my inbox: warby parker has released some new frames for 2011.  you can see the rest at their website.  if you don’t know the deal with warby parker, here’s the skinny: they make vintage inspired frames for $95 and for every pair they sell they give a pair to someone in need.  why wouldn’t you buy glasses from them?  i’ve made it all the way through the ordering process twice but don’t know my pupilary distance and have been too lazy to go get it measured.  i’m gonna do it this week.

oliver peoples o’malley frames

oliver peoples is re-releasing the o’malley frames aka the same glasses patrick bateman wore in american psycho. you probably could have figured that out by the copy of american psycho, gloves, and cards in the picture.  i’ve been looking for frames like these, but something not so retro and a little thicker.  if you’re one of the american psycho obsessed then this would be a good time to pounce on these.  they’ll be available in limited release at bergdorf, barneys, and oliver peoples store.

new glasses

step 1: eye exam (complete)

step 2: pick frames from warby parker (complete)

step 3: order new glasses (coming soon)

wp is the real deal.  glasses aren’t cheap and they do frames and lenses for under $100.  can’t beat it.