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they don’t make ’em like they used to

i spent an hour of my time on saturday looking for a new golf visor online.  i don’t wear visors socially; i only wear them to play golf in the summer because it’s too hot to wear a hat.  i figured googling “golf visor” would garner the results i needed.  it didn’t.  all the visors that popped up were the sport kind – the ones that fit more like a hat with a hole in the top.  i didn’t want one of those.  i wanted an old-school, big-billed golf visor with the slide-to-fit clasp.  luckily, i had an opportunity to play golf at the golf club of tennessee yesterday.  i figured they might have exactly what i was looking for.  they had 4 of them and they were hidden behind the sport visors.  i grabbed the navy one below.

i can’t figure out why these visors are so hard to find.  they’re classic and look great.  if you find one at your club or while attending a golf event, please pick me up one.  i’ll get you back for it.