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need new sneakers

it’s time for some new kicks.  besides a couple pairs of vans (slip-ons & authentics), the only sneakers i’ve been wearing lately are my waxed tretorns from the summer.  shame on me for not having more options.  that’s what happens when you spend the last six months upgrading your dress shoes.  i’ve found a few choices below.  let me know which pair you like or if you have any other suggestions.

adidas campus 2

new balance 1400 (wine colored)

nike cortez

converse jack purcell

out with the old

i realize i talk a lot of shoes on here.  no apologies.  they’re easy for me write about because they’re one of the things i update regularly.  with that said, i’ve been eyeing these ronnie fieg limited gray desert boots since december.  my old brown beeswax desert boots are a couple of months away from a hole in the sole, so it was time for an update.  the gray boots came on friday.  they’re incredible.  if you’ve got some extra funds and need a new pair of dbs, try the gray.  available exclusively at david z.

steven alan x nike

i’m a sucker for any gray tennis shoe especially when it’s a retro flavor.  nikes don’t excite my like your average blogger, but i’m all over this collaboration between steven alan and nike.  of course, they’re already all sold out.  i got out of town for one weekend and this is what happens.  i’ll keep checking in case they release a few more – which is not likely.

clarks desert boots x ronnie fieg

while checking out the david z site this morning i noticed these gray clarks desert boots designed by ronnie fieg.  i had just given up my search on finding a pair of gray desert boots.  perfect timing.  i hit purchase.  i’ll post pics when they arrive.

gray clarks desert boots

i can’t remember where i saw these the other day, but i need a new pair of dbs and these might be it.  i’ve been rocking the beeswax dbs for the last two years and they’re on their last legs.  as soon as my budget allows it these will be mine.

wings + horns sports coat

i’m not sure how i feel about this sports coat from wings + horns.  there’s something i don’t really like.  maybe it’s the fit on this guy.  it looks too small.  i also don’t care for the pockets.  for $400 you can find a much better sports coat from someone else.  kind of a blah post, but thought it needed to be said.

elusive: the clarks lugger

i can’t remember where i grabbed this pic from so i apologize for not giving credit where it’s deserved.  i don’t know too much about the lugger except that it’s hard to find.  urban outfitters (gross i know) did a limited run on tan ones last fall and ran out of my size before i had time to order.  if you have a chance to jump on these do so.  you won’t be sorry.

on sale now: red wing gray classic boots

these are limited edition red wing ronnie fieg designed ashy gray classic boots.  the only place you can get them is at david z in new york.  they were just made available online, so act fast because they’re going to sell out quick.  i would order some if i knew my damn size.  thanks red wings for making it impossible to buy a pair of boots online.