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new balance 247 sneakers in olive


last week j. crew released a new collaboration with new balance featuring some stylish workout gear.  being that i’m quite partial to lulu and now outdoor voices, i’m not going to jump on any of the clothes portion of this collaboration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  you can check out the full collection here.  there are some really good pieces.  what i am going to do is grab a pair of these olive green kicks you see before you because the color is too good to pass up and they look ridiculously comfortable.  i’ll report back as soon as i have them in my possession.


black and blue

my 3 year old barbour bedale is one of my favorite possessions.  i haven’t seen or worn a jacket that comes anywhere close to it.  i’m headed to new york next week and it’s the only jacket i’m going to take with me.  my only problem with the bedale is that everyone loves the sage color.  i had dinner with some friends last weekend and 3 of us were wearing the exact same jacket.  this is not a new problem.  i mentioned nashville’s growing barbour population around this time last year (see this post).  i even tried to find an alternative, but i couldn’t find anything i like as much as my barbour.  so what’s a blogger to do?  i’ve decided to get another color.  i know i should probably abandon barbour all together and look for another brand, but i can’t.  i just can’t.  it’s my go-to coat.  i’m thinking about either the black or the navy.  which one do you think i should go with?



the m-65 field jacket

valet and i must be on the same page.  i watched deer hunter last weekend and that got me thinking about taxi driver – which comes out on blu-ray april 5.  both are must see films if you’re a de niro fan.  the m-65 field jacket is a classic and worn by de niro’s character in the film.  it replaced the m-51 jacket during the vietnam war to keep the soldiers warm after the monsoonal rains.  the big difference between the m-51 and m-65 is that the m-65 is made out of nylon and the m-51 was made out of a heavy cotton.  the m-65 is a nice light-weight jacket to transition you from winter to spring.  it’s also a favorite of film-maker/blogger jake davis.  buy yours here.

still need to buy a vest

i still haven’t bought a vest for the fall/winter.  i think my time is running out.  it’s getting colder here.  last weekend was perfect vest weather.  i wish i wasn’t so indecisive.  i’m leaning towards the waxed vest from l.l. bean ($89) on the left, but the patagonia slingshot ($129) vest on the right looks pretty good too.  i will make my decision this weekend.  stay tuned.

new balance for j. crew review

i finally got my kicks last night.  i want to go ahead and apologize for my shotty photo work.  a new camera is top 5 on my list of things to purchase.

i’m a new balance kind of guy.  i bought my first pair of gray 999s in 7th grade and have been a fan ever since.  i’ve probably owned 50 to 60 pairs since then (i had a major shoe buying problem in college).  needless to say i was pumped to open these bad boys last night.

the first thing you notice about them is the color.  they are a darker green as opposed to the bright, popping green i’ve seen in pictures.  that was a major plus for me, because i’d like for people to spot them but not because they’re loud.

the next thing i noticed was that the construction of the shoe was pretty much flawless.  there were no loose threads hanging anywhere and no wear marks or spots on the shoe (take note zappos).  they looked like they had been inspected and placed with care in the box (again take note zappos).  the suede is extremely soft and one punch with my thumb when trying them on made an indention that i had to smooth back out.

the fit of the shoe is true to size but on the narrow size.  i wear a 9.5 and had a little under .5 an inch worth of room at the end.  if you have a wide foot, go one .5 size up.  the shoe is ridiculously comfortable due to the soft new balance insole.  keep in mind these are not for running (get the 991s for that).

i’m impressed with the collaboration, but not the $140 price tag.  it’s the most i’ve ever paid for a pair of new balance shoes and that’s saying something (especially after you add in shipping).  with that said, i’ll probably do it again with the navy the next time i get paid.